10 Days of Mason Jar Christmas

Here is the series where I posted about various ways to use Mason Jars to make the holidays more festive, frugal, and meaningful.


  1. Christmas & Holiday Decorating with Mason / Canning Jars
  2. How to Make Christmas Holiday Desserts in Jars
  3. DIY Mason Jar Projects for a Grand Showing of Southern Hospitality
  4. Canning Jar Gift Ideas (Gifts in Mason Jars)
  5. Warm and Cold Drinks in Mason Jars
  6. Mason / Canning Jar Mix Recipes: Great for Christmas Gifts
  7. Savory Dishes, Meals Sides, and Lunches in Canning / Mason Jars
  8. Mason Jar Storage Ideas
  9. Mason Jar Gift Packaging Ideas
  10. My Favorite Uses for Mason / Canning Jars


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