Black Friday – Day After Thanksgiving Madness

One day out of every year, my sister and I become hunters. We begin our hunt on Thanksgiving day. Even before the aroma of a Cajun injected Butterball turkey hits the tips of our noses, we are sitting on my grandma’s living room floor waist deep in sales ads.

I guess you could say that I am the brains of the operation while my sister is the brawn. Well actually, I guess you could really say that all I do is tag along because my sister calls to wake me up… at 4 AM, she drives over to pick me up, she protects me from evil shoppers and flying basketball goals, she remembers to bring blankets and extra jackets AND she usually treats me to breakfast. Yes, I know that I have an amazing sister.

The best deal I ever got was on a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. According to the sales ads they were supposed to be on sale for $34.99 (regular price was like $59.99) but the price tag was marked $14.99 on one of them and I happened to catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye. There were about 4 other people getting them while I was there and they must have thought I was nuts because I dropped the one I had pulled down off of the top and grabbed the one marked $14.99 that was on the bottom. I figured even if it was wrong it was worth a shot since I was willing to pay the advertised price. Sure enough, when I got to the register it rang up as “LTyks Czy Cp $14.99”! I was so excited! It was in perfect condition so I still don’t know why that one was marked for so much less. It was my best deal ever!

We have been doing this for years so we have our share of Black Friday stories to tell. One year, we raced into Wal-Mart to get a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree that was on sale at a ridiculously low price. Now, they were on an aisle that was no bigger than a buggy (that is shopping cart for all of you non-Cajuns). They also could not be taken out of the Christmas section until 6:30 AM. This caused a problem since there was only 5 available and about 11 people trying to get them. So we did what any good team would do. I left the buggy with my sister and gave her a list of “go gets” and I pulled one of the boxes off of the shelf and sat on it. Mmm Hmm. Yes, Ma’am I did.

When they announced at 6:30 AM that they could be moved, I stuck my arms through the nifty plastic strips that were around the box and commenced to carrying this tree on my back. I smiled as I walked past shoppers who begrudgingly pushed me out of the way in an attempt to get a prize for themselves.

Then there was the year that I was almost decapitated by a big screen TV. Again, in Wal-Mart, I was waiting in line to check out and had nearly fallen asleep due to the ever slow moving line when all of a sudden I heard screaming and people pounding on something. Then it got closer. I turned around just in time to find that a big screen TV was indeed being crowd surfed over the top of my head and I had to quickly drop everything in my hands (cell phone and coffee) to keep it from falling on me as well. Thanks to God there was a strong man and an equally intimidating woman on both sides of me. Were it not for them I do think I would have made my television debut if you know what I mean. I’m just saying…

So do you all go shopping on Black Friday? What are your stories? What is the best deal that you have ever gotten?

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  1. Those are funny Amy! Good for you, you know how to get what you want. I was cracking up picturing you sitting on the box to guard it.

  2. I’ve never gone Black Friday shopping. I’m a morning person, but more like 7-8 a.m. rolling out of bed and getting coffee. I’m sure it would be different if I had a sister like yours to get me motivated to go try this.

  3. Love Bears All Things says:

    Wow! You are one brave little girl. I would never shop on Black Friday. I hate crowds.
    Mama Bear

  4. Amy,
    Here are some more dear: click on hot deals click on black friday.

    Also can you do a tutorial or send me an email on how to make a clickable button for your blog. I am trying to make one for my business and need help!

    Have many blessings for Thanksgiving! I know you have a few more this year :o) with Ryan, lol!

    Take care
    Beth (SHS)

  5. OK..I had to laugh out loud at the surfing TV! We’re a part of the insanity of Black Friday too..and I’m actually pretty excited about it this year! Lines in Toys R Us though….really….

  6. Love that “Black Friday”…teaming up with others is definitely the way to go. I enjoy the rush myself! Awesome fun, really!!! Gets me right into the holiday spirit.

  7. Great stories you have there! I have never been shopping on Black Friday simply because of the craziness. I just watch it on tv and relax at home with my family. Enjoy! Happy Thanksgivng!

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