Our Family Christmas 2007

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas this year! It was full of family, friends, food and fun!

First, on Saturday, my sister and I threw a party with some of our girlfriends and their husbands. We had lots of food, catching up chat and the White Elephant Game! Ryan ended up with a used doorknob (?) and I got a wall hanging candle holder that can double as a fish bowl. Well, at least that is what Jodi said! It was a bunch of fun as you can see from the photo below:

Jami, Garrilind, Amy (moi), Andrea (my sis) and Jodi.

The boys spent Sunday with their dad and his family and got to see their grandparents who live a few states away so it was a real treat for them. They always miss mawmer and pawper so much!

Christmas eve was the start of the family festivities. The boys awoke to gifts galore under the tree. Dad began by reading the story of Christ’s birth and we gave thanks to God for all that we have been given. Then the boys were allowed to open their gifts.

They received (and were excited about) ant farms, educational games like Monkey Math, How Things Work and Sentence Says, chemistry set, electricity set, and more. I shopped at Rainbow Resource this year! They also received some toys: remote control cars, action figures, airplanes, etc. Maxon was disappointed that he did not receive the one toy that he wanted this year. As he put it, “I have to have Optimus Prime Movie Leader” or I can’t be a kid anymore!!!” That was said with real tears my friends. But, as any of you with young boys who wanted Optimus Prime Movie Leader for Christmas know, this toy was one of the hard to find items this year. I looked everywhere!

The detriment wore off when they saw this gift… another hard to find gift item. Just look at my Andrew’s face! He was beaming with excitement!

and these: What little boys doesn’t want a bike? And since we now have a house where they can actually ride them this is awesome!

We went to Christmas Eve service at church and listened to a great message by Pastor Dino. He talked about making Christ the center of the celebration. He used a manger scene as a visual aid. He said, “Christ is always the center of the manger scene. Just imagine putting anything else there. It doesn’t work. Why do we try to adjust the rest of Christmas and take Him out of the center? It doesn’t work.” It was an eye opening message. Wonderful!

Christmas day we headed over to grandmas. We stopped the festivities of eating and chatting long enough to take a few pics…

Look at that happy family! Hi Pawpaw Mike and Grandma Drewda! Hey Uncle Sammy! We love you and we miss you!

I have the greatest husband in the world! He spends so much time with us, he works hard (two jobs) to provide for us and he still has the time to buy me the best gifts ever! I received about 4 books, a bathtub book rack so that I can read while taking a bubble bath, the new Building 429 CD and 6 new, LARGE size lotions for Bath and Body Works. He makes me so happy! Oh, and did I mention that he is currently semi-renovating my kitchen as we speak?! My sister and brother in law bought us a brand new range! It is a late wedding/Christmas present, whatever. They bought us one! It will be delivered in the next few days. (I will post more about all of this later). I may be somewhat MIA until then.

Here I am with my partners in crime. My sassy lil sis Andrea and my cool, chill, lil bro.

Aren’t we so cute? And yes, I know we look alike! :o)

Here are all of our little munchkins. My three and my sister’s two.

Some children are just rotten. NOTE the little girl on the right. She is a firecracker. Her nickname is the Pretty Pink Princess. She wanted a Hannah Montana Pink Katar (guitar) Purse for Christmas. She didn’t get one. It took lots of presents to cover that one up!

Here is another great family shot. This is my dad, my grandma (still not feeling all that well so keep her in prayer please), little Grant and Maxon.

Smile Grandma!

My brother, the bachelor who thought toilet paper and shampoo grew in the bathroom has come to the realization over the last year or so that he actually has to buy this stuff. This is a harsh and cruel reality for him especially since he must pay rent for his sweet new condo, take his new girlfriend out to eat, and buy new clothes and shoes, and just be cool, you know? Well, he is in a slump right now because he is a National Guardsmen who works construction. His construction jobs are very slow right now and in February of this coming year he is going to Germany so that means he is having trouble getting any other type of employment. So… we got him the ultimate care package.

The whole family pitched in and got him toothpaste, detergent, cologne, deodorant, soap, cereal, tuna fish, ramen noodles, and so many other things, including toilet paper! It was great! He thought it was cool because he is Mr. Practical.

Below you can see my dear sweet grandma holding her ears and wincing. That is because Maxon just screamed! Why did he scream you ask?

Inside that wrapping paper is the coveted Optimus Prime Movie Leader he had hoped for. Yes ma’am! His mama saw it from across Wal-Mart, in Customer Service, and inside of a returns buggy (shopping cart for all you non Cajuns). I sprinted across the store and asked if I could have that toy and the associate just handed it to me! I got Optimus Prime. Do you realize what this means? Well, I am Mom of the Year, of course! My sweet lil man was so happy!

Now, here is my Car. He wanted stilts. At first try they were much to big for his 3 ft stature so my manly man brother took them outside, sawed off the ends and made them about three inches shorter which was just enough to get him going. I was so scared that he would just fall face first into the concrete but my dad and brother just kept reassuring me to just let him go. I did and he did fall a few times but then he became really good at it. He can get all around the house on those things now!

Here is a gift that I gave to my mom. I wanted to give credit to it’s designer when I won it but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for mom! I won this from Jill over over at the Diaper Diaries during the Fall Ya’ll Giveaways. Her mom Janet from Script Yours created it and my mom cried when she saw it! This would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift. My mom loved hers! Thank you so much Jill and Jill’s mom! You rock!


  1. It’s been so long since I bought “toys” for my kids – and even longer since I’ve had to buy little boy toys – that I had to look up the “optimus whatsit” your son received. Wow. That looked like a little boy dream. :^)

  2. Happy New Year Amy…
    I know you are a busy gal these days 😉
    It was fun peeking in at your Christmas! Hugs to you…thank you for doing all you are at Heart of the Matter!!
    you simply ROCK!

  3. Marsha…

    The stilts came from rainbowresource.com. Carsten LOVES them!

    CVS is right!! Most of it was less than $1.00 and some of it was free!

  4. Awesome looking family Amy!
    Looks like it was great family fun.


  5. Amy,
    Good to see you back! Great photos! I bet you got your bros stuff at CVS, HUH? Talking about games……My best girlfriend told me about a website that she and her kids love too. It is called http://www.mindware.com We got a few science games too but from HTT. Target also has some cool kits and so does Hobby Lobby!
    Have a GREAT new year! Let me know when you get your dvd!
    Beth in GA (SHS)

  6. Thanks for sharing your first Christmas with us.


  7. Oooo… the return buggy– very clever! And here I was proud of getting an Easy Bake Oven for my bff’s daughter. I searched high and low for 2 months and finally found one ONLINE at Wal-mart (duh!). Oh well, I got it and she loves cooking with that little light bulb so it was SO worth it.

    Great pics, by the way. The stilts look like a blast– where did you get them? It looks a lot more manageable for my boys than say… a pogo stick.

    🙂 about your sis and brother. I had my 3 sisters and brother in town for Christmas as well. The people that know us well think we look NOTHING alike. But strangers always think we’re twins, triplets, quads– all depending on how many of us are out together. When we were in Wal-mart at 1am last week, we laughed and goofed off and couldn’t believe that we’re supposed to be GROWNUPS! We still feel like kids… but with a little more money and the freedom to do whatever we want– like go to WM at 1am!

  8. LOVE the post, Amy! Great photos. I hope your grandma is feeling better. You definitely get my vote for SuperMom… with that eagle eye spotting that item in the return cart (LOL).

    Happy New Year!!

  9. Hi Amy,

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.

    Enjoyed your pictures too.

    I was beginning to worry, you had not posted in a while.

    I hope you got the card I sent you?

    Blessings to you and your family this coming new year!

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