That "Boy-Bathroom" Situation

I have often been asked, rather discreetly and with a nose twitching I might add, how I handle the “boy-bathroom” situation at my house.

I guess it is no secret that boys have issues with aiming. And we know moms will usually make this observation early in the morning when she is half asleep, if you know what I mean…

I for one got real tired of having to shower before coffee so I found a solution. The guilty party would have to clean, scrub, rinse and repeat the process in the bathroom every time he was found guilty. Hmmm, but how do we find this culprit? A-ha! I had an idea.

Since my boys have a bad habit of leaving the door open during private time I decided to use that opportunity to find the culprit and at the same time teach them a lesson about not shutting the door. So, I began to follow them anytime it looked like they might be going for a visit with the porcelain throne.

There was number 2 (child not uh, never mind). Maxon had gone in and come out before I could attempt to peek but I went in afterward to inspect the commode. It was clean and I had even heard him drop the seat. What a great kid!

Later on number 1 kid, Carsten, goes in for the kill. BAM! He shut the door! Oh my! My baby is growing up! He actually shut the door. *sigh When he came out he saw the look on my face and said, “Mom, are you OK?” I could only giggle and breathe a sigh of relief as I realized that he too had left the commode clean. That leaves only one person….

He is all smiles and giggles no matter what. He is the “baby” of the family. He is so cute and cuddly and always so sweet. “Mom, you are so pretty and you are the best mom in this house!” (hey, you can’t have it all!) He couldn’t possibly be the one to do such a thing, not my baby!

So, I followed him just as I had with his brothers before him. He caught me following and even turned to smile. “Awe!”, I thought to myself. So he goes in. I don’t hear the seat go up but I do hear splashing so I peek in…. GASP! As his eyes dance around to everything in the room EXCEPT the commode I yell to him, “Andrew!”

As he turns the steady stream follows, on to the floor, the wall, the rug. And he smiles. “Mom! You can’t come in here!”

I decided right then and there that I would no longer be pushed around by a 6 year old. Mom got tough and Andrew got to work.

Don’t look at me like that!

Yes, that is how I now handle that “boy-bathroom” situation and no, he never left the door open again!


  1. My boys are all grown now but back when they were 12, 10 & 7 their mother and I put a stop to the sprinkles (youngest's wordings). My Wife bought a package of Pampers, set it on the back of the toilet and them we made them clean the bathroom without saying anything about the diapers. Afterward the Misses threatened all three with wearing diapers if they continued to sprinkle the seat. We never had another miss and the diapers were given to a neighbor a few weeks later. Never under estimate fear! LOL.

  2. you’ve been tagged…
    I know you’re busy, but I just “had to” 🙂

  3. Oh I am so thankful I had girls:) Great pictures ( poor little guy):)

  4. What a wonderful idea!

  5. Great idea! That is what I did with my son (who is now 16)! 🙂

  6. My boys are hit and miss. (I know, SO funny, huh?) Anyhoo, one day it’s one kid the next day it’s the other. The real problem is when you smell it but don’t see it. Ewww…

  7. Sounds like you found something that works! I’ve only got one little boy potty trained so far, so I know who the culprit is. He’s still too little to be a great cleaner, though.

  8. Hi. I stumbled across your blog recently.
    With 3 boys, I had the same problem. I wasn’t quite so lucky, though. I never could find out which one was the culprit. I made them take turns cleaning the toilet and that put an end to it quickly. lol

  9. Great idea! I only have one boy so the culprit is pretty clear. Luckily, he loves to clean the bathroom. So much so that he has offered to clean the neighbors bathroom for $1.00.
    FlyLady has a great planner for kids, each day they clean a “zone”, desk, closet, etc. One of the zones is the bathroom. Perhaps you could set the boys up on a schedule to do a quick touch-up every other day to further help keep things neat and tidy.

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