Chocolate "Blew Up" Cake

You know I am on a healthy, whole food kick, right? Well, on Saturday my sister and I went shopping at the Whole Foods store. I had a simple list:

  • bread
  • chocolate milk
  • heavy cream for ice cream (yum)
  • honey
  • chicken
  • pineapple
  • juice
  • romaine lettuce

So we perused through the store admiring the organic, non-harmful nail polish and body lotion all the while gathering my groceries. I even brought my reusable grocery totes to enhance the experience. There were goodies everywhere and the word “organic” seemed to make the calories disappear. We were almost done browsing and shopping when we got to the bakery department and I turned around and noticed my sister was missing. Knowing someone wouldn’t mistake her for a desert (she’s mean, not sweet 🙂 I looked all over to find her.

I went back to the cracker aisle, down the freezer section, looked again in the dairy area (say that fast three times) and finally got back to the baked goods. Then a really big guy (about 5″6′) moved on with his cart, cleared the view, and there she was, all 4 foot 11 inches of her. She was staring intently into the case that held the cakes and pies.

“What is she doing?” I thought. I am on a diet lifestyle change and she is looking at calories, and lots of them! I have avoided temptation for the last hour and she is caving in? So, I took a deep breath and started making my way towards her. She was going to get a piece of my mind if she was thinking about buying a piece of that cake. I wasn’t going to stand for this. I thought of lots of clever and witty things to say while en route to the desert case. Anger began to swell up inside of me and I was gonna let her know it.

I got to the case, stopped my buggy (cart for you northerners), looked her in the eye,opened my mouth, and said it….

“How much is it?”

It was Chocolate Eruption Cake, folks! And it was at Whole Foods so it must have some nutritional value, shouldn’t it?




The Chocolate Eruption Cake quickly turned into Chocolate “Blew Up” Cake as everyone started to dig in. The little princess had chocolate all over her face, in her nose and ears, and don’t ask what the chair she sat in now looked like. All of the boys had some and even Mr. NON-Organic (Darin, Andrea’s hubby) had a piece. It was delicious. Not at all rich, just yummy. There was dark chocolate shavings and drizzle, chocolate mousse filling, a creamy, yummy, icing and the cake was good too! Needless to say it didn’t last very long….




The Chocolate “Blew Up” Cake erupted in the sink and even caused my waistline to expand. Thanks, Whole Foods! much appreciated.






  1. I just about spit out my drink laughing at this post! Hysterical!

    I too am a Whole Foods junkie. I only shop there for the few things I can’t get elsewhere, but I sure do love to look….and salivate.

    Once I came out with a Sticky Toffee Pudding that I hid in the fridge until no one was looking and polished it off quicker than you could say Weight Watchers! They were none the wiser.

    Thanks for the laugh Amy!

  2. Oh, but it looks so good. LOL

  3. Hmmmm, I knew there must of been something delicious in that store!! (Beside the fresh fruit that I love!!)

    Cute story. I will be buying that cake, soon♥

  4. ha! Too cute. And glad to hear it isn’t only my little princess who manages to get cake and other food items in her hair. I don’t understand that thought process. . . but smearing cake, icing, ice cream and other goodies into her hair seems to be Cali’s new favorite past time!

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