Some People’s Children….

Before we left for vacation I purposefully took out 5 sets of clothes (clean ones mind you) for each of the boys complete with underwear and matching socks. I made sure everyone had what they needed and MORE so imagine my surprise when we arrived at our destination 18+ hours away and found this:

Apparently, Andrew had unpacked and repacked his suitcase somewhere between chaos and Iowa. Only 2.5 outfits, 2 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of socks, 2 long sleeved shirts, and swimming trunks remained. He did however add a few things, like:

Please don’t stare at it too long because I don’t think my heart could take it. Yes, my child ran around with 3 day old clothes on til we could wash them at grandmas house. Then, when I told him he would have to wear his dirty clothes till we got home because he had done this, his reply was, “But, mom! I needed this dinosaur; and this Ben 10; and some money ($0.48); and my cars; and these Legos.

Oh really?

Well, I find it highly unlikely that we could fashion a comfortable pair of tightie whiteys out of those Legos. The modeling clay, however, might work but it would be a difficult thing to pull off in case of emergencies, if you know what I mean. I suppose we could pretend that the dinosaurs were fire breathing dragons who could produce heat to keep Andrew warm on those cool Iowa nights and we could use that almost half a dollar to buy him a sock and his little feet could share it. Or we could just make him drive his happy little naked self home in his hot wheels to retrieve his clothes.

Oh well. What can you do? Besides, like Andrew said in his defense… “At least the force was with us!”

Yes, Andrew. The force was with us. It’s just too bad your clothes weren’t.


  1. THIS TOTALLY CRACKED ME UP!! You are so funny! I remember traveling A LOT with my kids because I was single and living in a city where my family was not. We visited my hometown and family frequently throughout the year, and I can tell you, if I didn’t pack them up or monitor them packing theirs and then immediately packing the car where they couldn’t get to it, I would have surely had this same thing happen. What did happen was they would pack extra bags filled with “junk” (not just toys and games) and we would have no more room left in the van. But they “needed this stuff” too:)

  2. Amy,


    Oh, you bring back so many wonderful (?) memories of my raising my boys!

    I had to LOL!!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend.

    Looking forward to spending some time with yall.


  3. that is tooo cute! I love it! Sigh. That is the perfect note to end my night on. I’m gonna check my little angels (only angelic cause they’re SLEEPING), and hit the sack. 🙂

  4. LOL! That’s TOO FUNNY…. I never pack my kids clothes.. not even my 5 yo’s…. They all do a pretty good job of packing, but I do take a peek at it before we head out.

  5. Andrea O. says:

    HA, And you think the princess is too much. HAHAHAHAHAHA 😉
    That is sooo funny. He could care less that he needed clothes, it was only logical to bring what HE calls necessities and only occupy half of the large suitcase.

  6. This is funny!! (oh you will laugh later I promise =))

    I say this as I am about ready to begin packing my boys….Lord know what they will sneak in their bags.

  7. Oh yes! Boys! Don’t ya love ’em!
    Been there done that!

  8. I smiled, I laughed and then when I got towards the end and pictured him driving home in his Hot Wheels, I snorted!!! That was SO hilarious!

  9. That’s so funny! I literally laughed out loud. Glad you guys had fun, though!

    AL 🙂

  10. Hilarious….only because we’ve lived the same scenario. LOL

  11. Angela-
    I so should have double checked their suitcases. They were packed the night before (Chaos) but somehow Drewnan managed to repack it before morning. He is sneaky I tell you! We’ll definitely have coffee next time I’m traveling that close to your home town!

    Good idea. I should try that!

    Becoming Me-
    Girl… he even packed GI Joes clothes but removed his. How can that be? Kids, huh?

  12. I am laughing so hard. That is such a thing my daughter would do, although barbies would rule the case.

  13. This is why I always let the kids pack first, then I go behind them and re-pack. The last time they had to pack, the youngest boy(4) packed his suitcase full of stuffed animals and flip flops, the middle boy(7) a teddy bear and books, the oldest (10) drawing supplies and a change of clothes(only ONE but hey-at least he did think of clothing!!)I am right there with you raising three boys!!! Never a dull moment, huh?

  14. Oh that is something my kids would sooo do if I wasn’t such a procrastinator and packed them the night before typically.. LOL!


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