We Heart LSU Sports – Love Us or Hate Us, Tigerbait

The cable guy came yesterday for a very special reason… to give us LSUback.You see we have been without cable for a while. We just decided we didn’t need it. Then when Tiger season started – yes, it’s Tiger season and not college football season – we realized we needed cable back. We don’t get to go to many games (read: maybe one every three years) so watching it on TV is a must for us. It’s not just a game. It’s a right of passion.

Every game day you will be hard pressed to go anywhere and not find someone sporting the team colors. Stores around here give you discounts if you have on your favorite LSU apparel. In fact, a Tiger baby’s layette always contains something with the proud LSU logo. Just ask my friend Susan at Forever His.

Now I know some people think we are all nuts (don’t respond to that) but we just love our team. And yes there may be some obnoxious fans roaming the grounds of the stadium tailgating on game day but we aren’t all like that. Besides, those same obnoxious fans will usually shake your hand and feed you the best BBQ you’ve ever had right after they label you as “Tiger bait.” For some reason we’ve just been given a bad reputation.

We’re not obsessed… we’re passionate.

I mean, if you take away all the LSU flags, tiger tails hangin’ on the backs of cars, the LSU hats, the Tiger t-shirts, the the LSU bedspreads, lamps, and pillowcases, Tiger yard cards, the purple and gold table centerpieces, the Tiger chants, the changing of the letter “o” to “eaux”, the purple and gold cauliflower, and the Tiger purses, jewelry, Crocks, pajamas, decals, notebooks, laptops, cell phones, and face paint then we really are just like you.

Our game days are really elaborate. We know not to go anywhere by car on gameday, unless it’s to the game, because you won’t get there without sitting in hours of traffic. AND we know to get to the store the days before game day or else we won’t get anything at all to throw on the pit.

There is something about Tiger mania that I can’t quite explain. It starts at a young age. My boys are already LSU fanatics. We gather on game day to cheer on our team and win or lose we still love them.

So, Tiger fan or no Tiger fan, I hope you still love me. Besides, I know some of you must be loyal fans to your teams. Tell me about it. What crazy things have you done for your team?


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  1. Hey there Amy,

    Sent you a mail as well, but wanted to leave a comment here just in case. I run a blog on which, among other things, I do a weekly trash talk column with a blogger who supports whoever is unlucky enough to be playing my alma mater – the Georgia Bulldogs. I’ve notice that you occasionally blog a bit about LSU and am wondering if you’d be keen to represent the Tigers this week.

    Have a look at past installments: http://www.afreeman.org/?s=smack+talk

    Nothing too technical, I’m not interested in “inside baseball”, so to speak. Usually lighthearted and clever and “friendly”.

    If you’re keen, I’d like to post Friday morning, so if you could get a post to me by Thursday morning, I could edit things and get it up Friday. Sorry for the short notice, but I’m struggling to find an LSU fan whose willing, or capable of, speaking up for the Bayou Bengals! I’ll, of course, include a link to your site as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best wishes,


  2. I have to say….never EVER seen anything like that! —We are tigIers TOO….only….we are the Auburn WAR EAGLE kind 🙂 Jeff’s brother is an associate pastor there at Lakeview Baptist Church.
    I still love you…hope you still love me!!!

  3. Nothing wrong with Passionate. 🙂 My hubby is a big Football fanatic – I mean passionate person.

  4. It’s GEORGIA BULLDOGS here in this house…..

    Go DAWGS, sic’ ’em, woof, woof, woof, woof….

    : )

  5. Love it (LOL)!…. passionate not obsessed >VBG>! I'm not much of a game person myself, but my dh and our boys sure are.

  6. Glad it’s football season again myself…but I was always a Husker’s fan…

    I have an award for you over at my blog, too 😉

  7. I don’t hate you, but I root for Ole Miss. LOL!! I’m so glad it’s football season again!

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