But mom you told me I could! Oh really?

*shakes head*

He keeps me on my toes…

In the afternoons I like to soak in a warm bubble bath and get ready for when dad comes home. I like to look pretty and smell good, you know?

Anyway, dad came home early one day and I just knew something was up when he knocked on the bathroom door and said, “Honey, are you in there?”

…well of course I’m in here.

He never bothers me while I’m in the tub. He always allows me this time to relax so I knew this was like, not good. I answered him and he told me that he would be waiting for me on the couch because we needed to talk.

hmmm… I thought I was in trouble.

So I hurried and shaved (don’t try that at home) and shampooed. I dried off and quickly got dressed. In fact, my clothes were still sticking to me when I got out of the bathroom. I was anxious to see what the fuss was about.

And there he was, Andrew, in all his silliness, sitting on the chair with his arms crossed and his bottom lip hanging.

Ryan said, “Ask Andrew where he was when I got home.”

So I did.

I got a “hmphh” and then Andrew said, “What? I was just feeding the birds, Dad!”

Ryan: “Ask him where he was feeding the birds.”
Andrew: “Uh! I was just on the roof!”
Me: “On the roof?!! What were you doing on the roof?” (I know. Don’t laugh.)
Andrew: “I was feeding the birds!”
Ryan: “Yeah, he was feeding them the new loaf of bread, slice by slice. He didn’t even break it into pieces. He was just tossing out the slices of bread – on the roof!”
Me: “You are so punished for getting on that roof!”
Andrew: “Uh! Mom! You told me I could!”
Me: “What? I did not!”
Ryan: “Oh yeah. He said it is your fault too. Listen. It gets better.”
Me: “When did I say you could get on the roof, Andrew?”
Andrew: “I told you that if a man comes to the house and tries to steal me can I run away and hide on the roof and you laughed and said yeah, Andrew. Of course!”
Me: (shocked and not amused) “I was being sarcastic but okay, well, where is this man who was trying to steal you? Hmmm?”
Andrew: “I was just practicing.”
Me: “Practicing? You cannot do things like that Andrew. You could fall off of the roof and get hurt.”
Andrew: “Uh uh! I did it three times already!”

And that is what I deal with every day, folks. Do I need to say that he is still punished?


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I just had to comment on this story though. I found two of my kids on the roof and when I got them down put them through the questioning. Apparently I told them that they could play up there. Apparently! I think not!!

    I put it down to miscommunication somewhere along the way.

    Belinda from Belinda’ Notes

  2. Amy, I want to first thank you for your surprise comment about the 100 blogs. I am truly honored. I want to also let you know that I’m glad I ventured over here because it’s so nice to see another post about LOST! I might have to click over here to compare thoughts with you 🙂

  3. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for dropping by. I just finished going over some of your latest posts on this blog. Heartwarming mother’s heart stories. I’ve been there, too, so I can definitely relate.

    Wow, my blog made it to the top 100 Christian women’s blogs? Never even knew there was such a thing! Glory be to God alone! And thanks to everyone who made it possible.

    See you around!

  4. Oh. my. goodness.

  5. OH Boy! That boys a mess!

  6. I am sorry but that is funny! Sounds like something my boy would say!

  7. Funny now (but I know not at the time)
    WOW, they’re so literal arent’ they? (boys).

    I’m right there with ya!

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