This is exactly why I don’t allow him to have gum!

I passed by the boys bedroom door and out of the corner of my eye I noticed Andrew chomping away on bubble gum. I stopped dead in my tracks so I could take a few steps back and bust him in the act but he must have known that I was on to him. As soon as I took that step back I saw him toss something over his shoulder. Then I watched as his head thrust forward and a look of shock came over his guilty little face. He quickly reached behind his head to touch something.

The boy genius threw his gum into the box fan and it threw it back at him.

I didn’t dare ask the dumb question about whether or not he was chewing gum although I’m sure it would have given me some more good material to write about. What I did do was spend the next forty minutes or so trying to remove it from his head. We failed. The scissors had to come out.

I told that boy that he can never get away with disobeying his mama. He just doesn’t listen.


  1. FUNNY!!

  2. ROFL!!!!!!

    I wouldn’t be able to help saying “I TOLD YA SO!!!”

  3. Mommy Cracked – We should be neighbors. Then we could share our adventures over coffee.

    Dianne – Can I tell you that we had no peanut butter?!! I was so upset. I usually make loaves of PB&J; all at one time so I had used every bit we had. I did try ice and olive oil. That got some of it out but not all of it. 🙁

    Mel – I’m with you on that one. Sometimes they give too much info without asking the questions!

    Kristen – It really was funny. Twice I had to walk in the other room to laugh, oh and pull out my own hair.

    Tracy – Ahhh! Do you see what I have to put with?!! 🙂

  4. TOOO FUNNY! I cried I laughed so hard! Read it to my hubby who laughed too!


  6. Gotta love that all too famous “guilty look!” LOL Although, sometimes I’m not sure if I even want to ask what they’ve done….it can be a little scary.:)LOL

  7. Peanut butter will take care of that. Not sure why, but it totally works.

    For future reference. 🙂

  8. Bwaahahaaa!! That is priceless!

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