Hanging with the big dogs…

Sarge got a little bored with being in the house so we took him to the dog park. He had a little fun. I’m just glad he wasn’t doing what some of these wet dogs were doing. If he had then he would not have been allowed to come back home. Instead, he amused himself with instigating brawls between other dogs. See for yourself. 🙂

NOLA 264

NOLA 0289

NOLA 277

NOLA 281

NOLA 283

NOLA 286

NOLA 287

NOLA 289

NOLA 291

NOLA 300

NOLA 304

NOLA 310

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  1. doggies make me smile;)

  2. Like your pictures! Come and enter my blog photo contest/giveaway. It’s a $25 Amazon gift certificate and a spotlight blog interview… just for posting a pic on your blog. And these are cute! Good job.

  3. Laurie Ann says:

    He’s too cute! Looks like he had a great day hangin’ with the big dogs.

  4. Looks like fun…you should bring him by to play with my puppies 😉

  5. how fun for Sarge! We love the dog park…of course we haven’t let ours INSIDE one yet….we are still working on behavior…so we let her on the outside of it. Soon!

  6. Aww, I wish we had a dog park around here. It looks like fun! Our dogs, especially our Boxer would love to run and play with the other pups!

  7. Oh my goodness, THAT is one cute dog! Love these pics.

  8. He is sooo cute! But cute or not, I’d have left him too if he’d gotten in that mud. Oh yes I would-for sure!!!

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