Some People’s Families…

My family is so amusing. Everything is a major event and every sentence spoken is a call for debate. I know none of you have families like that so I’ll share mine with you.

Here is Tori, my brother’s long time girlfriend (at the BBQ pit) and RG, my brother (at the table). They are having a discussion about why his pit hasn’t been used yet. It is brand new, cost hundreds of dollars of his hard earned construction money and yet, he hasn’t once fired it up. He bought it almost a year ago and promised grandma (he lives with grandma) that he’d grill for her. She is still waiting.

Easter 012

Now here are the real bundles of testosterone in the family. My three boys and my nephew, Grant (Andrea and Darin’s son). They fight constantly – over everything. Yet, you can’t keep them away from each other. I can’t comprehend it. Here they are going after the same egg… all of them. It should have been a clue to the others that Andrew was already under the tree and had it in his possession so it should have been his egg but noooo… in their mind that was cause for a football pile up. Andrew still got the egg.

Easter 030

Then there is “the girl,” Miss Gabriela. I have no idea what to say about her. “Prissy is as prissy does.” She also cons all the guys into helping her find eggs. Except to hurt their little male egos, I find no reason to restate that she got three times more eggs than all the boys. And yes, she gloated.

Easter 039

Then there was Darin (Andrea’s husband, dad to Grant and Gabriela). He pulled his pit from across the street (that’s where they live) so he could grill for grandma. Flame broiled was more like it. We tried to tell him it was gonna happen. More than once he had to back away from the fire but no one can tell Darin anything about anything. He’s Italian so he knows everything.

Easter 054

Here is Tori and RG again. She is obviously very new to this sport. Her “technique” was a little more than we could stand which is why we fell over laughing. She is a good sport though. She takes it in stride. I love that about her. She is so unlike her Uncle Darin. Yes, the same Darin who tried to set Grandma’s house on fire. RG and Tori are not related but Tori is Darin’s sister’s granddaughter. Are you confused yet? I am. All I know is that it is unfair that no matter which family Andrea and RG choose to spend a holiday with they are always together. I think it was a conspiracy. That’s okay. I have a blog and a camera. Revenge is sweet.

Easter 056

And here is my mom. Isn’t she so cute? I’m so proud of her. She has come so far and has been doing amazingly well with her life. I’m so glad we are becoming so close now. *sigh* Now if I could just get her and dad to give up the cigarettes… one thing at a time, Amy. One thing at a time.

Easter 063

And here is the star of every family show, Grandma. She is a spunky old lady. This photo is of the two of us making her famous hamburgers. Famous because no one else can duplicate them. I don’t know if it is her pan or her stove or what but we have tried and tried to make them using her recipe and it doesn’t happen. And they are soooo good.

Easter 065

Now she likes to be in the limelight but she likes to pretend that she doesn’t. Here she is shooing Ryan away (that man loves to take pictures). I love how she is pretending to be upset but what you don’t‘ see is that 10 seconds later she wraps her arm around me and says, “I’ll give him something to take pictures of. Let me go get my bikini on.” and then she just laughs. I love that silly woman.

Easter 067

So that wraps up a holiday in the life of my dysfunctional family. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


  1. I guess I’m not the dysfunctional member in the family. Where was I, organizing and serving?..or maybe hiding the eggs. I’m sure your hubby was behind the camera.
    Gotta love this bunch!

  2. I hope I’m spunky like that when I’m a grandma! It sure beats being a difficult, mean, depressing grandma.

  3. i love love love family get togethers!!

  4. Laurie Ann says:

    Amy, I loved getting to know your family better. Your mom is a doll and your grandmother is just precious! Family togetherness…ahhhhh.

  5. I LOVE it when you write about your family! They sound like a riot!


  6. I LOVE your Grandma!!! 🙂

  7. Amy Thanks for visiting my blog. I must update if folks are going to call in. Loved this post and I think all families are like this at least mine is. Love your Grandma. I found it scary though that she was the one I related to the most. Realised she and I must be close in age. Scary–I only feel 28!

    I got an answer to a question I had wondered about. Your talking about a “pit”. I had heard that before and thought it meant a pit in the ground. Puzzeled me but hey what else could it be. Here in Australia what you had in your photo is simiply called a Barbeque. Or hooded bbq or oven bbq never a pit. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  8. Oh, how fun! I loved getting to know you and your family–they sound like wonderful people who know how to have fun!

    And your grandma had me rollin’! That gal has some sass!

  9. Oh, I love it! I laughed and I related (no pun intended). Makes me think about writing one on my extended family, but I’d have to change their names to protect the innocent (me!).

  10. I loved that! Gotta love a grandma with Spunk! Sounds just like one of mine! She was quite a character!

    Looks like EVERYONE had a great time! (See—I comment on pictures 🙂

  11. Haha!!! I love that your grandma said that!


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