I’m a Mommytography Alumni…

My friend Tracy is a professional photographer and she teaches a Mommytography class at her home and online. I took the class today (at her home) and goodness gracious did I ever learn a thing or two. I’ve always been into creative photography but I had a few issues with my camera (read: user of the camera). Tracy taught me how I could avoid those user pitfalls. I even took some pictures during the class because, well, it was a photography class after all.

I made a new friend during class. I called him Woody. I have no idea what his real name is but he taught me all about focus, bokeh, and aperture. He even danced a little for me and tried to entice me with 100 calorie snacks but don’t worry, I resisted.

Tracy had some awesome tips as to how to take you own professional looking photographs which is great for everyone but most especially for us blogging moms (can I say “most especially”?). The best part is that you don’t necessarily need all of the expensive equipment either. A Pringles cap, coffee filter, and white cork boards can make all the difference, oh yes ma’am it can!

You can take her class online too if you would like or you can participate in her 365 project. I’m also going to try to convince her to teach a very condensed version (the live class is three hours) during the A Woman Inspired Nurturing Creativity conference. Wouldn’t that be great? Leave her a note here in the comments and let her know if you’re interested. It might help to convince her. Especially since I haven’t asked her yet. 🙂

So check out some of my shots from class …and yes, that is a picture of my shoe.

Mommytography 020


Mommytography 012

Mommytography 009

Mommytography 006


Mommytography 015

These were taken with our Nikon D40 and no touch ups were made. I’m rather giddy about them!


  1. I would difinately be interested in learning more about taking great photos!  My Nikon Coolpix P90 doesn’t always do what I want it to (even when I ask it nicely)

  2. Ok lady…I am ready to see some 365 PICS!!! I know your busy, with other things…but get shooting!

    PS great images of Mr. Woody and I am glad you had fun!

  3. Welcome to the 365 project!! Can’t wait to see some pics. Sounds like you had a great time in her class. I thoroughly enjoyed it when I took it.

  4. Now that’s a class I’d love to take. Those pictures look great. Of course, having a much better camera would help me greatly. LOL!

  5. Welcome to the group!

  6. Looks like a great class, Amy! I’ve always wanted to find a class that was short but packed with info on photography. I’ll have to check her out online.

    P.S. – And, yes.. you certainly can say “most especially”. After all, it’s your blog! 🙂


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