This Is the Hole That Sarge Dug…

Dogs just have the life don’t they? Someone else feeds you. They bathe you. They make sure you go to the bathroom. And my favorite, they make sure you have the absolute best toys money can buy just so you can chew it up. How do we get repaid? They eat the furniture. They try to mark their turf on the new carpet. They “roo roo” at everything because they have run out of other things to do. And my favorite, they dig humongous holes in the backyard so that they can take a nap. *shakes head*

I’ll have you know that I had to sneak out of the front door and tip toe my way to the back yard and around this tree to get this photo. I knew I would only have one shot at it because goofball here is up and alert at the drop of a feather. Sure enough… as soon as I snapped the photo he was gone. My super sly moves paid off though. I got the shot.

This is one little boxer pup who won’t get any new toys for awhile. His allowance is going to be spent on more dirt… for him to dig up I suppose.

Mommytography 079

Mommytography 083

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  1. Oh my goodness, how cute is HE!!!!

  2. you could always look on the bright side…you can plant new grass and the lawn will be refreshed! 🙂 (at least that's what I tell myself when my dogs do that… )

  3. Melissa Stover says:

    what a hole it is! he's so cute.

  4. What a picture…priceless.

    If this condition continues you might want to call the "Dog Whisper" 🙂

  5. He sure is a beautiful dog! All of that dirt must be what makes his coat so purdy! Haha!

  6. Awesome capture and sly moves!! Love the second shot, reminds my Ladybug's this week!

  7. LOL! That is too funny… our dog… well there is not much nice I can say about him lately… but I'm trying to be nice as he is 14 and most of what happens is not under his control… if you know what I mean.

    Check this out if you want another dog funny…

  8. But he is SO CUTE and so innocent looking!


  1. […] a home. Now that I am deprived of them I wish I had them back. At least there is still evidence of Sarge’s mischievousness. We can’t fill in all of the holes he dug until we move. He’d just dig them up again. […]

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