Yeah, so our local fire department has a great response time…

I’m inside working my tail off to get the July edition of Heart of the Matter Online magazine done and what do I hear from one of my children?

“Mom! Maxon climbed the big tree and he can’t get down.”

So I follow the trail of empty, discarded popsicle wrappers to the backyard and look up to the four massive trees that serve as a canopy to our little sanctuary. I don’t see him. I look at Carsten and ask him, “C’mon seriously. Where is your brother?”

He takes me by the hand and leads me under the tree and points up. wayyyyy up.

Immediately I start praying and watch as boy wonder tries to climb down. The branches under him are small and weak so they start to bend. Mama is not cool with that so I tell him to stay put. Then I wrack my brain trying to figure out what to do. Twice more he attempts to get down himself and twice more he nearly loses his footing. He was up there, y’all.

“Stop! Just stay put!”

I run in and grab the phone and dial 911. I must say that I felt a bit silly doing so but hey it’s my kid and I would rather him be safe, know what I mean? So they connect me with the mighty men at the fire department. Seriously, those dudes (& dudettes if applicable) do not get enough credit. They are always there when people need help. Fires are just a part of what they tend to.

***Standing ovation for all of our firefighters! You all are amazing!***

I tell them what Maxon has done and how he can’t get down and they rush on over. I mean, they were fast and thank God because I would have needed an ambulance if it had been any longer. I felt my blood pressure rise. They walk over and look up, and up, and up just like I did and I hear one of them say something like, “yeah he really is up there, isn’t he?”

They bring out the big ladder and chuckle a bit at the boyishness of it all and then they get right to rescuing so I can get right to grounding (no pun intended). I don’t think I took a normal breath until he was safe and secure on the ground. The nice fire chief tried to tell me that this is normal boy behavior. As a mom I just don’t want to hear that. That implies that things of a similar nature will happen again. I don’t think I could take it.

After they finish getting info for their report and load up the cool yellow firetruck they head off to another adventure. I pick up the phone and call my husband – looking for comfort – and I hear him cover the phone and laugh and then he comes back on and says, “Did you get any pictures?”


  1. As a child my older sister & I would climb trees. I was a bit jealous however as she could climb higher than me. LOL

  2. This is my worst fear as my son is now learning to perfect the art of tree climbing! LOL! I'm glad he is ok.

  3. Awwww I felt that fear in your heart,,,poor mom!!! Praise God he is alright! and yes boys are gonna be boys… I am sure you are laughing about it now though.
    Have a beautiful day my friend 🙂

  4. Okay. Unlike any of these other commenters, I would have FREAKEd OUT!!!! Those incredible available service fire people would've had to pull me out on a STRETCHER! Can't wait for the pics!

  5. Oh, that was priceless! I had to chuckle a little about the "grounding," and your hubby asking if you got any pictures. 🙂 I'm sure I would've been just as freaked out, and totally embarassed to have to call the fire dept. Sounds like you kept your cool pretty well. Hurray for firemen & cool headed mamas!

  6. I had the same thought as your husband, Did you get any pictures? Glad everything turned out okay. 🙂

  7. Oh Amy, the fun will just continue.

    Sorry…you KNOW where I'm coming from!!

    Thank you sweet Jesus, he was safe!

    I've had one too many nerve wrecking experiences with my boys.

    Keep praying for those angels God has assigned to take care of each one.

    Hey I was disappointed. I wanted pictures too!! It's OK, I know you were not in the mood for that!

  8. lol i love your husbands response!
    i'm glad he was safe. that would be so scary!

    and then I chuckled….just a bit. AS I forward this whole post to a friend whose husband works for a fire department…she will enjoy this and so will her man!

  10. Oh my! I'm glad he was able to get down safely with a little help from your new friends.

    We have several friends in the fire department– and trust me, they would much rather climb a tree to rescue a boy (they can at least relate to that from their own experiences, I'm sure) than to deal with some of the crazy and gross things they come across on a regular basis.

  11. whew … my heart is pounding just reading this. So glad he's safe and you survived the trauma.
    Raising kids is not for the faint-hearted!

  12. [laughing] Yeah, where are the pictures?

    But, yes, I'm very glad he's okay. And huzzah for the good people who are in vocations that can save lives and keep us sane.


  13. Oh thank GOODNESS he was okay!

    And giggles to having those fearless boys! 🙂

  14. Oh man… that is great… I mean horrible! I could see my son doing that!

  15. My boys have never climbed high enough to get stuck, but have climbed high enough that I was nervous!

  16. My dad is a Fire Chief so luckily when my brothers pulled stunts like this growing up…the ladder came with the man of the house! LOL!

    Girlfriend, you need a bubble bath.

  17. not so lol! That boy!

    I won't tell Fireman, as he might get ideas!

    Memory for your grandchildren!

  18. ooops it typed that pass code too

  19. udeciaahahhhhahaaahahaha I'd have repsonded like you and my husband would have asked for pictures too. glad my trees aren't too big. ;o)

  20. I was a climber in my youth and only once did I ever get up high enough that I scared myself. My dad told me that if I couldn't get down then he would call for help but my climbing days were over. I managed to get down on my own.

    Tip for the son: Always maintain three points of contact ;))

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