Taking a great profile photo without a pro…

A good profile photo of yourself is very important. People want to know who you are and be able to connect with you somehow. Equally important as having a photo is having an updated photo. It is usually obvious when a photo is a few, or more, years old because fads are revealing. The haircut, clothing style, and background can be dead giveaways that your photo is from an era gone by.

Prior to my friend, Tracy, taking such great professional photos for me I used to have my oldest son, Carsten do the honors. We’d set up a sheet in the background and I’d just tell him to click away. Eventually I’d get one or two that was blog worthy and go with it. It was much better than keeping the same photo on my blog for three years straight. Even an impromptu photo while on an outing is better than no photo.

So, a while back I came across this post by Beth where she goes into detail about how to take your own profile photos. It is a great article and you can learn lots from it. Here is a link to Beth’s post about taking your own photos: Profile Photo.

If you use Beth’s tutorial and upload a new photo of yourself then let me know. I’d love to see it!


  1. Amy, I've been keeping up with your posts on how to improve your blog, and I just have to say it's been really wonderful! Thank you so much. Also, I was wondering where you might have gotten your template for your blog, how you do the main column on one side and then 2 on the right hand side? I really like the looks of it; it doesn't seem so cluttered that way. I was thinking of changing mine. Thanks so much; you are an inspiration!

  2. I read that post when she wrote it (and commented too, I believe). I used her tips when having my picture taken by my sister (with my camera). It is on my blog, http://movingforward-amanda.blogspot.com

    I am glad you shared it here so that more people can learn how to get a good picture of themselves for their blog.

  3. Another important piece of advice regarding a profile photo… if you are like me and worried about the old double chin, hold your camera high and look UP at it! It is very flattering from that angle! 🙂

  4. Hi Amy! So nice to come by and get to know you. I have read several of your posts, your profile and your testimony! A lovely, God-honoring place you have here 🙂 I will be sure to visit often. Thanks for following my blog!
    Kindly, ldh

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