Great thrift store finds and baby update!

I just love Jen’s Frugal Fashionista posts over at Beauty and Bedlam. I’ll admit that shopping for clothing at the thrift store is something new for me. I am just so used to shopping via magazines, online, and other stores that sell clothing new. Maybe it is because of my clothes shopping phobia that I’ve never looked for clothes at the thrift store? Probably.

In any case, Jen really encouraged me and gave me some great tips on how to look for great pieces. Her posts on the topic are really helpful and I put them to the test.

Last week my mom-in-love and I went shopping. I did not have any luck at our local Good-Will stores and their prices were a bit much for the quality of the items so I was getting a bit irritated but then we went to the American Thrift Store. I promise angels were singing from the moment we walked in. Racks of beautifully organized clothing hung by size (yeah, GoodWill take notes) and the prices were wonderful! I bought three maternity tops and 2 pairs of maternity jeans for 16.25! The best part is that they looked like they had hardly been used! Oh was I ever excited. I even took pictures for you:

NOLA2009-8 NOLA2009-9

Not bad, huh? Gosh, I need a haircut.

Anyway, I saw my OB this week too and he says all is well. I have only gained 3lbs since I found out I was pregnant. That is hard for me to believe. The baby’s heartbeat is a bit over 160 beats per minute which he said is “girl range” but he also said not to hold him to it. I won’t. Andrew’s heart rate was always in the high 150s and I don’t think it slowed any after he was born. He is still like the energizer bunny. We will have a sonogram next visit so we shall see if it is a “she” or a “he” then! Anybody want to take a guess at the sex of the baby? 🙂


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  1. You're just too cute!! I love baby bellies 🙂

  2. I think it's a boy. Just cuz.

    You are a beautiful prego woman, Amy!

    Love ya,

  3. Love the thrift stores! You do have to do some searching to find the ones in your area that "work" for you. I especially love getting books at the thrift store. I started getting books there in middle school (I think)…I read so much, that is the only way I could afford to keep up with my habit. I bought maternity clothes at the thrift store, too. They are so much cuter 10 years later, though.

    I'm thinking girl, too, but God only knows at this point, right?! Look forward to hearing the news though. You are in my prayers of pregnant ladies, along with my sis & another friend.

    So happy for you! You look great. I especially like the necklace with the blue shirt.

  4. You are darling!!!!

  5. You look ADORABLE! Plus, I love the hair!

  6. You look so cute!
    I get a little frustrated shopping at thrift stores, it seems like everyone finds the good stuff and I just wonder. 🙂

  7. Amy, you look AWESOME! Love the pictures. I LOVE a good thrift store find!! There is a thrift store that I LOVE in a nearby town that is awesome because it is a "richer" town and the clothes are really nice for dirt cheap!! LOVE IT!

    Oh, and I'm going to go on record and say GIRL!!! 🙂 I had three boys too before I got my girl! 🙂 Funny story though, just when I had become content that the Lord was proably going to just bless me with boys, there He goes and gives me a sweet little girl!

    Either way, just praying for a healthy little babe for you and peace and joy along the way!

  8. Great finds at the thrift store! I especially like the top you're wearing in the second photo; it looks really cute with that necklace.

    Amy, your joy just radiates. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Don't you dare cut your hair! It looks great!!! And, you are cute as a button!!!!

    I'm guessing… girl. :o)

  10. Oooooo! Good deals! I really like the dark shirt in the second pic! Classy!

    Thank you for helping me!

    I think it's a HE!!

  11. Very cute clothes! My mom is a great thrift store shopper. She buys stuff for her and dad quite often. She finds some of the cutest jackets and tops. I need to start shopping there more myself.

    You did great!

  12. Oh Amy!!! You're pregnant!! OK, OK, I know you are, but seeing you this way, it's real!!!

    You look adorable.

    I'm not familar with that Thrift store? I love them. Have you checked out The Refinery on Sherwood?

    I got a lot of my grands clothes there, really NICE STUFF. There is also a pretty nice size maternity section too.

    OK, the sex, girlfriend, you are carrying HIGH, that looks like a GIRL!!!!

    I just have "this feeling about it"…

    I'm excited, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Great finds…I love the American Thrift store over by Cortana Mall (across from Lowe's).

    YEAH…continue to THINK PINK!

  14. YEAH!!!! and you look as cute as can be!!!!

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