Boys will be boys… with paper and tape.

You know, before I had kids I always told people all about the things I’d never do. One thing I have learned over the years is that those words will always come back to haunt you.

I remember when I went to visit my cousin and her little boy came out with guns blaring during a pretend game of war. She remarked about how he would have simply used his hands for guns had she not bought him the toy so she just bought the toy. My thoughts…

“Oh. I’ll never do that. If I have a son he won’t play with violent things.”

Yes, I thought that. I admit it.

So here we are 15 years and three almost four boys later and I’m eating my words. Why? Because I have learned that to boys, weapons don’t necessarily equate violence. They are a way of life and they will still lean towards them even with no access to them through movies, TV, and games. It happens because boys idolize their male role models and for my boys that consisted of: my grandpa who was a decorated Master Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps; my brother who is a Sergeant in the Army; numerous other relatives in the military; and their dad, grandpa, and uncles who are dedicated hunters. I didn’t purchase those toy guns for them and yes they did use sticks for arrows and swords and hair brushes for guns. The closest thing to a weapon that they ever had – for at least the first half of their life – was a nerf gun. Where did that get me? Well, see for yourself….

Now I don’t know an AK47 from an M16 but my son does and he can make them from scratch, out of nothing but paper and tape. In fact, he has this whole arsenal of paper weapons that he made from my printer paper and my shipping tape. I may or may not be upset about that.

On any given day he can be a soldier, spy, gladiator, or anything else he thinks up in his little mind. He has even made shields and head gear for pre-gun warfare. It just depends on what he and his brothers pretend that day.

And he is so proud of his creations that he wanted to show them off.

He didn’t forget about the grenades either. He had a special name for these but I have no idea what he said. I just take the pictures. 🙂
They have heard me stress over gun safety so many times that my boy even made him a gun cabinet. The things the human mind can do when it is deprived of TV, video games, and the computer. It’s an amazing thing.

So what is it that you said you’d never let your kids do? I know there must be something!


  1. Very creative! Yes, guns and "fighting" was one thing I said I'd never let them partake in or buy an airsoft gun. My oldest got one a while back, but it never really worked right and he doesn't use it! God helped me win that battle the easy way. As for the "fighting," it all happens on the stage now, with real swords. Yep, this momma prays through every performance, but I couldn't be prouder!

  2. Hey Amy, I just showed my boys your son guns. Of course they said, "Cool and whoo!" They ask if I could help them make one. I said, "No you have to make it on your own." Anyway, they think your son is pretty cool.

  3. That is so creative, darling, and fun! I'm going to have to show my boys these pics to see if they can get some ideas…

    I'm glad I'm not the only mom who gets upset, well, first off who children use her printer papaer, staples, notebook paper, and on and on.

    Now I have to tell my 14 soon to be 15 next month daughter to leave my earrings, jewelry, lotions, hair products, soap etc. alone. And my mom swears she had to tell me the same thing, but I don't remember, lol.

  4. I am cracking up! He would so fit in with my boys!


  5. WOW he's VERY creative! Those obviously took a lot of time & effort! Way to go! My boys would be envious. 🙂

  6. Those are paper and tape guns are AWESOME! Very impressive! My brother and I had friends whose parents would not by their son a toy gun when we were kids; I always thought that was weird (cuz he would just play with sticks or his hand as a gun). So, that was never my thing.
    I hoped that my kids wouldn't watch "too much tv" (whatever that it), but I watched tons of it as a kid…in addition to reading almost all the books in the young adult section at our tiny local library.
    My mom always warned me to never say never, especially after her oldest sister said she'd never have a baby at 42 years old (when my grandma had my mom…the youngest of 6 kids spanning 18 years)…and then my aunt had a baby at 42 years old. So, I don't remember saying I'd "never" let my kids do certian things. I didn't think I would over book them with activites & from what the kids have said, I have.

  7. Just showed David. He thought this was GREAT!!! And funny! Completely awesome. He said that one of those up there looks like an MP4. Whatever.

  8. OH MY WORD!!! I am so showing this to my boys in the morning! They would LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

    The turning point for me with purchasing toy guns and swords was when they started using sticks and fingers as guns at a very very young age. And that was before they really ever watched tv!

    Boys. I love em!

  9. Now that is some awesome creativity!!! Way to go Gevin!!!!

  10. Hahahaha, I am laughing my head off here Amy! That boy of yours is so…so…so…incredible! Oh my! What a creative genious you have there, and someone who makes the world's best model, even for homemade guns! Tell him I said he's brilliant!

  11. I absolutely love his creativity! I love the picture of him peeking around the column with his hand gun (at the risk of calling it the wrong thing!). LOVE the look on his face 🙂 He's such a cutie pie — something I'm sure he was probably not going for with these pictures 😀

    Hope you're doing well lady!

  12. Oh my! I give him an A++! That is so fantastic.

    I haven't really hit the stage yet of what I said she would never do. That will come in a couple years. My biggest thing has always been the way girls dress! Ack! I pray she doesn't want to look like some of the girls I see today… even those sitting in pews.

    As to creativity. I love how their minds work. I will never forget looking up from paying the bills on the net to see my 7 year old in a knee length skirt, black shirt, suited duster that almost reach the skirt hem, heals, sun glasses on, walkie talkie in hand, cell phone on her belt and all these other gadgets… when I asked what she was, she said she was an FBI agent. Uh, where did she get that! It was too cute.

  13. for me it was the gun thing too. I swore my sons would never play with weapons. Ya. right. They used markers and pencils as guns first, then lego, then I caved and got them pretend weapons. I don't understand it still… but I have given in 🙂

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your sons creativity. Great pictures too 🙂

  14. OMG! That is so cool! I showed it to Hubs b/c he's a seller of gun accessories and he was in awe! I especially liked the cabinet – being a mom with kids and gun stuff in the house you know… Tell Gevin he did a great job!!! Thanks so much for sharing – it made my day!

  15. That is hilarious!! What a gifted and creative son that Gevin is. LOL!!

    The gun thing is definitely in the male genes. We silly women cannot just will it out of them. I remember saying things like that, too, Amy. 😀

  16. ROTFLOL! Tell Gevin, VERY creative, I give him a A+!

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