Grocery Hacks – How I spend only $65 a week on groceries…

Let me start by saying that it is not easy but only in the sense that you have to create a routine and renew your perspective of some things. I know we are resistant to change but we have to do some of that to keep some change in the bank, you know what I’m sayin’?

The first thing I do is make a menu for the coming week based on what I already have. Yes, you read that right. There is a reason I do this and I’ll get to that. By the way, the latest blog craze is based around this method. Read Jen’s take on it: Save Money on Groceries by Eating from Your Pantry & Freezer.

So let’s see what we’ve got:
Amy 264
Amy 279
Amy 272
Based on those items I can create the following menu for the upcoming week:

Breakfast: grits, grilled cheese, cereal (x2), eggs and biscuits, powdered doughnuts, and waffles (x2).

Lunch: turkey sandwich (x2), ham sandwich (x2), Lean Cuisine, breaded fish with Mac-N-Cheese, and hamburgers.

Snacks: fruit, yogurt, pickles, triscuits w/cheese sticks, pudding, granola bars as well as several other options.


  • Monday– roast pork loin with pasta/alfredo sauce and salad
  • Tuesday– chicken stew with rice, cornbread, and sauteed green beans
  • Wednesday– lasagna, homemade bread, and corn
  • Thursday– grilled tilapia, angel hair pasta, salad, homemade bread
  • Friday– bbq ribs, potatoes, corn bread
  • Saturday– sloppy joes, tater tots, corn on the cob
  • Sunday– game day BBQ at friends house

I came up with the menu above and as you can see there is plenty more for additional meals should we need it or in case we change our minds about what we want for dinner one night. The reason I make a menu based on what I already have is because when I shop I only buy things we will use and that are on sale and I stock up. In other words, I only buy what we need but I buy it when we don’t need it.

So to further explain how that works let’s look at my weekly routine. I start by gathering the sales papers for our local stores. I circle what I believe to be great deals then I look for coupons to go along with those deals. I also use because this site makes it easy to see what is a great, rock bottom prices on particular products. I add to my list only those items I know we will eat/use and I stock up on them while they are ridiculously cheap. I store those items in our pantry or freezer and we use them in weeks to come for our menu based on what we already have in the pantry.

For example, our Albertson’s recently had a sale on Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks. You had to buy 4 but you ended up getting them for the small price of $1.20. I also had 8 $1.00 off 2 boxes coupons so I actually got each box for $0.70! We bought lots of boxes.
Amy 285
We also do this with our toiletries and cleaning products. CVS and Walgreens have some of the best deals. I have spent no more than $.25 on toothpaste in months and we are well stocked. I never pay more than $1 for any shampoo (and I have good ones) and I apply the same principles to other purchases.
Just look at one week’s tally…

Amy 265
So there is our money saving hacks. Nothing new – just applied practice turned into habit.


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