It’s what boys do.

They spend hours making paper boats…

…just so they can sink them with rubber bands.

UPDATE: The book shown is The Dangerous Book for Boys by Hal & Con Iggulden


  1. Oh Brooke, I wish you could have heard the dialogue going on. It was entertaining to say the least. I just love how their imaginations flow…

  2. Yes, Marsha it is! The boys just love this book. It seems like every time we open it we find something new within the pages! 🙂

  3. Is this from Dangerous Book for Boys? My grandson LOVES his copy. It keeps him and his buddies (and his Pappy!) busy for hours, days on end.

  4. Brooke G says:

    Ahh… the minds of little boys! They were probably pretending that they were pirate ships or something of that sort!
    How fun – and HEY, anything to keep them entertained and out of trouble 😀

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE your site, Amy! I’ve been praying for you, but have obviously missed some posts since last week. Now I am going to read them. Love you! Holly

  6. Haaa! Too funny!

    (Toolbar on left is wayyy better.)


  7. So cute and such a boy thing!

  8. Oh I just love boys!! Big boys too…

  9. That is SO cool! I love simple entertainment. My girls are into digging up worms and (gasp!) slugs. But it keeps them occupied and curious and I love it…

  10. So much FUN! I love the shot with their heads together. 🙂

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