Opportunity is knocking… for you and me!

A few years ago when I was just a newbie blogger I wrote a post and entered a writing contest. I was scared but I got over it and just decided I would do it The contest was at CWO which was then run by its founder: Darlene Schacht.

I won that contest. I still have that blue iPod. I heart her.

Not long after that Darlene asked me to be a contributor at the Internet Cafe. I said yes and my bloggy adventure began. I gained friends, readers, and opportunities that I do not believe would have come to me otherwise. I was also featured in the magazine a year or so later. I still get traffic from that and some of those who came to visit me from there have become great friends. I was even recognized by a literary agent just because I had been on the cover. That was a really cool experience!

Well, a few weeks ago I spoke to Darlene and she told me about a new project that she is helping with. Candace Cameron Bure has an exciting new project in the works and they are looking for writers to contribute. They want you to submit your best works for consideration.

NOTE: If you submitted your link at Darlene’s blog you do not need to submit here as well unless you want to point to specific articles of relevance.

Would you like to join us? If so, they ask that you submit a post that captures your personality, passion for the subject, and skills as a writer. Do not link to your blog. Link directly to your posts (you can submit up to three) that fit in the following categories:

  • Fashion
  • Whole Lifestyle/Diet & Exercise
  • Green Lifestyle/Eco Living
  • Beauty
  • Parenting
  • Finances
  • Single Moms
  • Organizing of Time and Spaces
  • Interior Design/Home Decor
  • Homeschooling
  • Reviews of Interest to Families: movies, websites, games, software, etc.

Submissions that catch their attention will contain all of the information that they have requested in the previous paragraphs and exude a sense of authority or confidence on the topic. Of particular interest are pieces that reflect modern moms with strong family values. The audience will consist of Christian readers as well as non. At this time they are only considering writers for the topics aforementioned. Pitches on other topics can be made to darlene[at]darleneschacht.net and may be held for future consideration.

Previous experience writing for other blogs, magazines, or books is not necessary. They are simply looking for good, informative, and fun material. Don’t let fear stop you from submitting your article(s) for consideration. This could be a great opportunity for you!

Some sample article styles that they are looking for are:

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity! I look forward to seeing what Candace has planned. Sounds exciting!

  2. Thank you, Amy. I heart you too!!

  3. Amy, Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve put three links showing some of my work in reviews for movies, books, and blogs. I’ll be honest, I think my best reviews will be coming out in the September issue of Exemplify. I look forward to see what Candace is going to be doing. I was a little timid to submit, but my son said “hit the button” so I did.

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