What is Southern Charm to you?

A Woman Inspired’s first ever Beauty and Wellness Bootcamp is coming up in September. Woo Hoo! (by the way the early bird price ends soon and we only have 100 spots available)

Well, lil’ ol’ me got picked to serenade you lovelies with a workshop on southern charm. That is easier said than done.

I’m southern so it is bred into me what to do and when but to teach it to someone else is, well difficult. I don’t know how much of my “charm” is specifically from being Southern. I do know that from the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper I was taught to give sweet eyes and flip my hair because then daddy and grandpa couldn’t say no to me but I think southern charm is much more deeply rooted than that. I think it has to do with making a person feel good when they are around you. It is about serving others and doing the right thing.

Sure, I absolutely will stand in front of a door until one of my little men opens it for me and I do pass my husband the cash or credit card when no one is looking just so he can pay for things but is that what one would consider southern charm? Perhaps it is the way we always show up with a small gift and shower others with hospitality. Or, on an even grander scale, maybe it is the way we live life to the fullest.

True southern charm is beautiful because it is the reflection of inner beauty. I just need to know what particular things I should include in this session. What I want to know from you is what do you consider to be southern charm? What do you want to know about it?

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  1. To me, Southern charm is being polite, gracious, thankful, and feminine. You see it not only in words, but actions. It is thinking before speaking, being quick to smile, not overbearing in volume or decibel of speech, and it is being hospitable. I suppose many of these things aren’t relegated to the South, but if you throw in “y’all” and some sweet tea, then that’s definitely a few steps closer!

  2. I just had another thought. Don’t know if its a southern charm thing or not, but…
    If one borrows and ingredient for a dish from someone else, then one returns a sampling of the dish that that ingredient was used for.
    Make sense? …even if it was only a cup of sugar or an egg 🙂

  3. I love this, growing up in small town Kentucky and then marrying an Alabama boy this is absolutely a part of who you are. I may live in “South” Florida, but make no mistake about it this is NOT the south. 🙂

    So much of southern charm is just poured into you from the time you are a little one. My dad’s family came from money so they lived the socialite lifestyle in the city while my mom lived the country life. I’ve been on both side and at the heart of being a southerner is, I think, an ability to make every one around you feel comfortable, loved and important. Not in a fake way, but in a real authentic charming way.

    The home is warm and inviting, the words are kind and complimentary, the style is conservative and yet classic. I am not quite sure how to nail it all down other than a way of life. When you are around a southerner you just know it…and yes, probably because of the accent, ha! 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more on this from others…
    Melissa <3

  4. I am a southern girl. I don’t know much about “charm” (still workin’ on that) but I do know about southern. The first words that come to mind are, “Yes Ma’am. No Ma’am. Yes, thank you. No, thank you.”
    Its the respecting your elders thing.
    ..and the FOOD!!! My mom would say “soul food” (cause she’s black). Take that same plate of food and my husband would call it “country cookin'” (cause he’s white).

    Our lingo is definitely different! I frequently consult Jeff Foxworthy’s dictionary (yeah, I know it’s for Rednecks, but aren’t they southern? I’m just sayin’). Forget Urban dictionary. LOL

  5. Saying “y’all” is part of it I’m sure! LOL When I worked as a waitress, more than once I heard “OH MY GOD! SHE SAID Y’ALL!!! SHE REALLY SAID IT!!!! DID YOU HEAR HER?!?!?!” LOL

    Seriously, Southern charm is not something you can define. It’s like sexy. You can’t define sexy (it’s not low cut tops, short skits and high heels), but you know it when you see it.

  6. Hi! I just found your blog through Chatting at the Sky and I LOVE it! I’ve recently started my own blog called Southern in my Heart because I’m a wannabe Southern gal (well, I do have small Southern ties) who happens to live in the Northwest! I was immediately drawn into this post because it resonates so much with who I am and who I want to be. To me Southern Charm has everything to do with Hospitality. And, I believe that Hospitality has nothing to do with our homes and everything do to with how comfortable we make others around us feel! That can take place at home, at church, or at the grocery store. In Dobson’s latest book he talks about how closely tied manners and morals are and I think there is some truth in that for sure! On the surface it may sound strange/wrong, but when you think about it, our manners give us the tools to build confidence in any situation! Anyway, I could go on and on because I love these kinds of topics…but I’ll just say again how much I love your blog and can’t wait to sit down and read through more of your posts! Maybe when my rascals are resting! 🙂
    From a Southern Girl at Heart,

  7. I enjoyed reading about your Southern Charm…what is it to me! A woman full of life able to entertain with grace, class and unconditionally allowing love to be shown at its fullness. A woman that no matter where she is at show everyone that Souther Charm…with great love being poured out!
    I love entertaining (this isn’t all about entertaining…it is who you really are coming out to the fullest.)but if you are entertaining a dinner or lunch or wine tasting… I love it when I know everyone there felt they were the your very best friend. Southern Charm never leaves anyone out, everyone is at the Kings table! Abundance is given, whether food, converstation, laughter, joy. Southern Charm is never forgotten by others….they remember and state it to others….

  8. I’d like to know how to ‘brand’ my own Southern Charm. So many times I feel trapped into hosting a holiday or party that meets or is equal to ‘so-and-so’.

  9. Are you all going to need hostesses for this conference? If so I would love to sign up!


    Jennifer Sikora


  1. […] that is a little lie. It’s okay though because I’m southern. We call it manners here. It would be considered impolite to tell you I was still feeling […]

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