10 things my Relevant roomies should know

I’ll be going to Relevant in October. If you haven’t heard of it then you should check it out. It is a blogger’s conference for Christian women… that’s right, all your blogging questions answered from a biblical perspective.

Brooke is hosting a link up over at her blog and I’m joining in. My roomies are Marsha from Other Such Happenings and Karin from Mommy Matters. They are both dear friends of mine even though I have yet to meet them in person. I can’t wait!

So here are the top 10 things my Relevant roomies should know about me.

1. I won’t be bringing Matthias. 🙁 While I am sad about it I must warn you that the last time I got a full night’s sleep was well over a year ago. I may need someone to wake me up. Crying in a high pitch and making baby noises should do the trick.

2. I am likely to call home every five minutes to check on #1. Confiscating my purple BlackBerry may be a wise thing although I may start to cry in a high pitch and make baby noises.

3. I am just getting into Twitter (I’m not very good at it – just ask Dawn Camp) so you probably shouldn’t take my BlackBerry. I need the practice.

4. I like to give hugs so if you aren’t a huggy hug kind of friend then you should tell me now. Something tells me that you two would have no problem being straight forward with me. After three years of online (& phone) communication I think we are pretty comfortable with each other.

5. I don’t snore. I argue with Ryan all the time because he says I do. Matthias on the other hand does snore. *sigh* I so don’t want to leave him.

6. I actually gained weight after having Matthias so I won’t be my average size. The horrible circumstances of my delivery caused me to have to take steroids for a long period of time and the end result is that I am now, after losing 24 pounds, almost at the weight I was when I delivered Matthias. bleh. Just remember this is me before I got pregnant:

7. I have no clothes to wear to Relevant. I didn’t win the contest from Downeast Basics so I guess I’m t-shirt and blue jeaning it. I know that isn’t a word but c’mon, you know me. I make up words all the time.Karin leave your to die for wardrobe at home so you don’t make us look bad (gorgeous mama, you) and Marsha, looks like we’ll be taking plenty of photos from those angles that you swear by. I will need it. I doubt that you will though. 🙂

8. I wish Amy Stults was going to be there. I’m so glad that Marsha has met her in person before. At least one person in blog land will know that there are indeed 2 Amys!

9. I take a lot of notes and I am hard of hearing. I keep my brain in a notebook and I guard it with my life. It contains all of the “aha” thoughts and random ideas that I get. On second thought, maybe I should lose it because then I can’t start some new random project to take up all of my time. This is about my blog. my blog. my blog. *phew* Okay I am done giving myself a pep talk and I made notes of my decision in my notebook. Be forewarned that I also listen intently so I can hear to take notes. If I am in my note taking zone and you try to talk to me and I don’t reply then just tap me. If I ask you what that doesn’t mean like, “what in the world are you talking about?” Instead, it means, “What in the world are you saying?”

10. I heart both of you. much. much. much.

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  1. This is so funny – I guess we all think about the same things for this list: weight, kids, snoring and clothes! I’m looking forward to meeting you soon. 🙂

  2. Stephanie J says:

    Great top ten list. Can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks. I am away from my dd for the first time overnight for the conference so I’m right there with you on number 2

  3. I heart you too sweetie! I think we are going to get along fine…and since I’m bringing Sariah with me (most likely) there is only room for her to die for wardrobe while I’m wearing sweat pants!

    ; 0 )

  4. Sounds like a great event! one day….

  5. I wish I was going too! Maybe it’s not too late?? I’ll be thinking of you and keeping y’all in my prayers! 🙂 Take good notes for me too!
    Blessings to you!
    Cindy 🙂

  6. AMY!!!! Hey girl, remember entering the tote bag and Flat (sweet) Jeanette giveaway for Relevant10 attendees??? Yeah, it was a long time ago but guess what??? YOU WON!
    Please send me your mailing address so I can ship everything out to you next week! Congrats!!!

    (twitter: aunt_nette)

  7. Somehow I knew that you were a hugger! I am too. 🙂

    I love your 10 things post. However, I hope you bring photos of Matthias with you.

    I wish I could attend this conference as many of my favorites will be there. Say hi to Melissa of The Inspired Room. I just love her but haven’t met her in person yet. She blogs in a different niche than me but I just cannot stay away for too long.

    Maybe next year…

    Hugs, (and I would be one who reciprocates)

  8. Nice to “meet” you! Thanks for linking up! Hope we get the chance to say hi and talk at Relevant!

  9. Very cool! Have FUN!!!!!!

  10. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by today!

    Although I do have a single outfit from DownEast Basics, I will have a t-shirt and jean day (or two) as well! No worries 🙂

    Oh and I’m certain that we at least have 1 thing in common: our voices. 😉 Just you wait! lol

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