Let’s talk about bacon: it’s good with everything!

The first thing you need to know is that, yes, bacon is good with everything!

But I’m sure you already knew that.

So let’s talk about one thing I despise about bacon: I don’t like when it goes to waste.

It used to be that I’d buy a pack, once or twice we’d use a few pieces for a dish or breakfast and then the rest would go bad. Then I started freezing the whole pack but that didn’t work either since we only use a few pieces at a time. You can’t exactly pull apart bacon stripes that have been frozen together so I figured out a solution to this problem. I roll up my bacon like you would a piece of carpet. Then I place them in reusable containers and freeze them. When I want a piece or two or three, then I just break them off, set them in a plate and let them defrost. Sometimes I cut them up into little strips while they are frozen and by the time they hit the skillet they are defrosted!

Now that is turkey bacon. We eat lots of turkey bacon in our house but sometimes you just need the real thing. Like when you need some good ol’ bacon grease. That is when I break out the baking sheet and a wire rack. Cooking it on a rack in the oven allows the bacon to cook without being in the grease and I find it comes out crispier. This also means you get a good bit of grease for future use. Cajuns don’t waste anything. We have a recipe for all of it.

17 minutes in the oven on 400° and you have some crispy strips of bacon plus about a 1/4 cup of bacon grease. Just pour it out of the corner of the pan and into a glass dish. Once it cools you can cover it and store it.

We don’t use real bacon often but when we do we tend to use the grease  for traditional Cajun rouxs; Cajun burgers, dirty rice, sauteed vegetables, and the like. I will be posting later this week about how to use it to make a traditional Cajun roux. What do you do with your bacon? Which do you prefer: pork or turkey bacon?

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  1. Can I bake turkey bacon in the 400 degrees oven ? How long?

  2. Great new look. Love the bacon idea, especially the way you cooked it on the baking rack. SO smart.

  3. Definitely pork!

    What we do with bacon: BLTs, bacon wrapped chicken (stuffed with cream cheese and topped with a sour cream sauce), crumbled (in salads, green beans, baked potatoes), bacon topped pizza, bacon wrapped filets on the grill, chicken fajitas with grilled mushrooms/peppers and bacon!

    I think bacon is the most perfect food. Yum yum yummy!!!

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and thought it was so funny that you had a post about bacon yesterday…I had a post about bacon grease today. 🙂 That’s a great idea about rolling the strips so that you don’t have to thaw and cook the whole package at one time.

  5. Amy! I love your post! I know how you like to separate things into little containers and I’m not surprised that you did it with bacon! So cool.

    We love turkey bacon. The taste is great. Most of the time though, I just buy the real stuff.

    I fry it all and if I have leftovers I freeze it into tiny pieces in a freezer baggie. I pull it out for bacon bits,etc.

    Bacon! Susieqtpies

  6. I’ve used Turkey bacon to replace “real” bacon for many years now and LOVE it. less grease, less fat content and it keeps longer (at least the brand I buy does). We mainly use it IN recipes or for BLT’s….we rarely eat bacon with eggs, etc. My childre think it is a HUGE treat when we allow them to order “real bacon” from a restaurant when on vacation! 🙂

  7. Amy, I used to have the same problem – not wanting to waste bacon and not being able to use it all at one time. What I started doing was cooking the whole package at one time and then freezing whatever I don’t use. That way, when you need bacon, all you have to do is pull what you want out and it’s already cooked! You can separate several pieces at a time with wax paper, then freeze in airtight freezer bag.

    Also, I prefer the “real” but am not opposed to the idea of healthier turkey bacon, especially for including in recipes.

  8. I too have the problem of buying a pack of bacon but having it go bad. That is a great idea to roll them up. I like it and will definately be doing that now with my bacon. Thanks!


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