You can keep your iPads and iPhones… I’ve got something better

The manufacturers are so proud to introduce the new iBaby…

I have had my new iBaby for almost 6 months now (almost a version .6). Just like anything new it takes some time to really get to know and figure out how to use all of the great features. Just recently iBaby got two new upgrades. 20 points to anyone who can figure out what they are. The volume feature on the iBaby doesn’t work as well as I would like for it to. I have found a new app that helps though. It is called the pacifier and it is very easy to install.

In my opinion the sleep mode needs some work but time should fix that. It is not limited to being hand held either. It can be hip held, sling held, or even held upside down. I enjoy how the touch pad is very sensitive and usually causes loud bursts of laughter. And my new iBaby can store more memories on its little hard drive than you would dare count. Bonus feature: it lasts for a lifetime.

I totally LOVE mine!

Do you have an iBaby? (if not then just picture me going na, na, na, na, boo, boo!)

Disclosure: The iBaby is not compatible with green beans. Einstein hair is an optional feature. Each iBaby is different and certain restrictions may apply. Maintenance is required.

The iBaby case was provided by Jenny from Chopstix for Kids. She is my new most favorite provider of kids stuff. It is so fabulously cute! Go check out her shop and get your own case: Chopstix for Kids.


  1. SO CUTE! I can’t wait to get my iBaby. I’m expecting the new model to arrive in February or March. I’ll be excited to watch for new apps and upgrades…

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two new teeth!!! I’ll take my 20 points!!! I have a new iGrandbaby. 🙂 Well, mine is version .10 (10 months old).

    This was so cute.

  3. I love this Amy! Matthias is SO adorable, and I love how you’ve desribed him. I only had one iBaby and I do miss the ease of usage that I had with her when I first had her installed. Now she is an iGirl, and soon to be an iTween if the years keep going by as fast as the last 6 have! I am so happy that you are enjoying motherhood the fourth time as much as you are! xo

  4. Too cute! And so creative. No ibabies left at this house, but that’s alright. I still get to play with my sister’s!

  5. It’s really cute post—-.

  6. Sorry, wrong link! Your award is here: Oops!

  7. Love it, Amy!!! He’s such a doll! I have a Blogger Award for you! Stop by Magical Mouse Schoolhouse to pick it up 🙂


  8. Adorable! And funny funny post! Very clever, Amy. Can’t wait to meet you!

  9. 2 TEETH!!!! Cute!

  10. That was too cute Amy!!!!

  11. Oh my what a GREAT shot!! He’s sooooooooooooo cute Amy♥

  12. That was great! Very cute!

  13. This made me smile inside and out~ 😀

  14. I have the gamma release of the iBaby. I have to say that the third release may just be the best one yet. I do like the first two, but I think I’ve filled them with too much information that keeps coming back to bite me. 🙂

  15. I have the Alpha iBaby – working on a Beta model, too. My Alpha has the Einstein hair and finally the sleep modes are in sync. 😉 Only took about 18 months.

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