Girlfriend’s Guide to Southern Charm & Hospitality

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up the Beauty and Wellness Conference. It was so informative and so much fun to be a part of that I wanted to share them all with you. The first one that I will share is mine. oh yeah…

I spoke about what some people call southern charm which can be tightly woven into southern hospitality. I touch a bit on all of those things in this talk but since we only had one hour to go over things I decided to dig deeper into some of the topics here on my blog. I’ll start by letting you watch the video, comment, leave questions, and tell me what you want to know more about. I even told my sister she had to help with the whole hospitality thing so if you have questions about that just ask away! We have tons of ideas and such that we’ve used over the years, especially during the holidays.

There is something so feminine and attractive about ladies with the infamous “southern charm”. Don’t be mislead, it may be called southern charm but it has nothing to do with location and everything to do with the heart. Southern charm is the ability to make the other person feel important; cherished. In this session you will learn how to turn on the charm for your man. your family, and your friends. These are the secrets and techniques that southern women pass down from generation to generation. When those around you feel loved and cared for by you then you can’t help but feel wonderful and loved yourself. It helps to build a confidence that is longed for by many women.

Here is the link to the video: Girlfriend’s Guide to Southern Charm and Hospitality with Amy Bayliss

The downloadable pdf can be found here: SouthernCharm

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  1. Just sat down and watched your webinar with my two kids. It was great. (& nice for my kids to hear it from someone that was not me!) Thank You!

    We currently live in MA, but are moving to TX. People up here are shocked & I rarely admit part of the reason is that Northerns lack a certain charm I want my kids to possess and also to receive!

    Thanks for posting the video.

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