Just one of the guys…

Matthias is exploring and learning so much. In just one day he seems to take on a new bit of knowledge and reveals a new angle to his personality. They grow up too fast. All of them do.


He doesn't mind hangin out with Sarge.

Here he is trying to decide what he should get into next.

He is trying to figure out how this bike thing works. He's seen his bubbas ride it.

He discovered popsicles. It is Andrew's fault.



And now he gets a pep talk from his oldest bubba, Carsten.

You do see the resemblance, don't you?

The Kenny Loggins song, "Playin' With the Boys" suddenly comes to mind. Did I just reveal my age? *sigh*

He loves it! His bubbas do too!

Water is his new favorite thing. Especially if it is outside.

His eyes say it all: "What mom? I'm busy." Yep, he is just like the boys.


  1. he is getting so big! i love seeing the pics of him around his big brothers. *so sweet*

  2. I love the shot of him and Carsten….so cute.

  3. My youngest is 23, yet it is always fun to watch children at play and remember the fun you own had at that age. God bless you and your family, thanks for sharing.
    Mrs. J.

  4. What great fun! This will be the first summer that our little guy will be old enough to run around outside, and I’m equally excited that he’ll now have his own yard to do it in. Water play is going to be so much fun for him!

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