Living Room Decorating Ideas on the Cheap

This is my living room a few months ago when we started the whole “house on the market” process. Once we removed all of our personal decor and such I didn’t like it very much. It was too dark for my taste. I like light and airy. I want to walk in the family room and feel warm and cozy. This felt way too formal and drab for me.

It is so blah, isn’t it? I hated removing all of my personal belongings. It gave the room such a cold feel and we can’t have all of that now can we?


So I tried to think of a solution. That thought process led to me purchasing a slip cover from a discount store and a bunch of throw pillows that I just really liked. I got the slip cover home and Ryan and I tried to get it on the sofa.

I’d spare you the details but that would be no fun.

He put his end on and started trying to figure out where all of the creases were supposed to go. I got my end on and figured out where the creases should go but it just wouldn’t fit right. Then all of a sudden Ryan figures out where it all goes and attempts to get it situated and that is when my side popped off. I put it back and guess what? Ryan’s side pops off.

He looks and me and asks if I read the instructions. Yes, he did. I don’t read instructions. He does. Why would I read the instructions when I can let him do it and just have him explain it? I know I’m spoiled. But I’m smart too.

I read the instructions… 3 minutes later and all the I learned was that this slip cover did not work how the instructions said it would.

We thought we had it on wrong so we pulled the whole thing off, flipped it around and started over only to find we had it the right way to begin with. We flip it back and start all over. By this time the dog, the baby, and a few other unknowns were playing peek-a-boo under the thing; I managed to spill my water on it; and I popped one of the seams. At that point we just stuffed the thing on all cockeyed and called it a day. It was pretty let me tell you. I would have put the thing back in the pack to return it but at that point I had no energy left to mess with it. It takes some real talent to fold up a slip cover the size of a car and put it into a plastic bag the size of a pancake.

*sigh*  Don’t you hate furniture drama?

Then one morning a few days later I had a thought. What if I put it the slip cover on sans seat cushions and then put the seat cushions on top? So I tried it.

I liked it. It was like a two tone sofa. It combined all of my living rooms crazy colors that make me so happy. Don’t worry. I am currently toning them down. I will show you how it all looks when I get it all back together. I just had to show you the sofa first. Oh and my Craig’s List table.

It isn’t perfect but I’m happy with it for now and I think it is a great way to use a slipcover.

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  1. I loved your redo. I never thought of doing the two tone but it looks cute.
    I love decorating so I hope you dont mind my two cents.

    May I suggest:
    I would like to suggest you add another blue pillow on the couch to balance it out.
    Add a blue pillow to the recliner.

    Have your kids do some art on blue paper to match and place on the wall or
    add 3 large antique frames on the shelf and put your candlles on one side.

    Put that colorful picture frame and your family pictures on another wall with that frame as the centerpiece.

  2. LOL! Looks great…I for one just LOVE those framed family pics! 😉

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