Planners, Goals, Calendars, Church, and Ministry Sections – Part #2

This is part 2 in a 7 part series. You will find all printables/forms located at the bottom of this post. All printables are in .doc files and can be edited using Microsoft Word or the free open source software called Open Office. This set of printables is from the Simple Magnolia set. Other sets will be released in the coming weeks including the Textured Vintage, Frooty Fun, and Crafty Mama sets. For an index of all posts in this series visit this link: Life Management Notebook.

Planners, Goals, and Calendars Section

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”
– John Wooden

The purpose of a home management binder is to be prepared and have information instantly available to you. That is why I  always make the calendar/planning section first. It is the section referred to most and end the long run it can save you the most time and sanity.

I start off with my “year at a glance” form. This form contains birthdays, anniversaries, and other events that occur on a yearly basis. Because it rarely changes you can use it over and over every year.

The second thing I fill out is the “master to-do list”. I find our home and our household binder revolves best around seasons. We have different schedules, commitments, and chores depending on the time of year so I fill out a “master to-do list” about every 3 months. If we have certain home improvement projects to be done then I add them here until we decide where they should go on the calendar. Once we tackle that task or attend that event then we can scratch it off of the list.

Next is the calendar. I really hope you like this printable. It is very easy to customize. Just type in the month and days and you are ready to go. This way you can reuse this calendar over and over and not have to worry about it being the wrong year. The calendar is self explanatory: write in appointments, birthdays, holidays, and special events, games, family night, date night… whatever it is that you and your family may need to be reminded of.

From there I use my daily/weekly planner. I fill it out the beginning of each week but it guides me each day to accomplish the tasks for that day. On the daily planner is a section to include all chores and tasks that I do on a daily basis as well as some I’ve assigned for specific days. Feel free to customize it to suit your family’s needs. At the top is a place to put all notes or “to-do” items for that week. I the right hand column is a place for your menu. At the very bottom is where you pencil in the info copied from your calendar. Any appointments and what not that you need to remember this week can go in there.

Church, Bible Study, and Ministry Section

When I designed my planner I knew I wanted to include a section just for spiritual related things. The number one thing I wanted was a way to log what I had read in the bible. So many times I open up the bible only to have no idea what I should read next. I do different things for study time but for everyday reading I wanted to be able to read the bible through before reading another book a second time. That is with the exception of aforementioned bible studies, of course. So what I came up with was planner pages that allow me to fill in or cross out the box that corresponds with the book and chapter I read. That way I know what I have and have not read already. I also have a section for notes beneath each one in case there is something specific that I want to note about a particular book. One example would be “do exhaustive study on Philemon”.

Our “hope list” is something we use to make sure that things God has laid upon our heart do not get forgotten. If He speaks to us about blessing someone then we put it on our hope list. If we want to be able to do something special for the kids then we put it on our hope list. Hope is the anchor for the soul and this list helps to keep our focus on those things.

I also included printables for three of the most popular ways to conduct a bible study and a prayer journal.


NOTE: Fonts used are Lainie Day and Courier New. Install them on your computer before downloading printables. Download the printables for sections 1 & 2:


  1. these are ALL so great- thank you that the calendar is great AND editable!!!!!blessings!

  2. Dawnette E. says:

    My heart is literally overflowing with thanks – I woke up feeling frustrated and down and yet knowing God has better things for me and my family – I knew I had to find a flexible do-able system to get myself in-order & less stressed and wasting less time so I went to look up a free printable weekly/daily calendar and after a few clicks I feel God led me to your site! (crying now) I know God has better things then the way I’ve been “managing along” He calls us to live lives of purpose and influence not defeat and frustration! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing how you’ve allowed Him to work in your life and some of the tools He’s helped your refine and implement! ♥♥♥ God Bless YOU and Your Family! ♥♥♥

  3. I love it! Thanks for sharing

  4. Oh my word, FINALLY! A printable I can actually EDIT to fit my family’s needs!!!! Thanks SO much!

  5. thank you for this site. I am going to share with my friends.

  6. Brooksie says:

    Thank you SO much! I am so excited to find this (found via pinterest)! Hopefully, this will help me be more of an organized daughter, mother, and wife. Thank you again!

  7. Great stuff

  8. Thanks so much for sharing these awesome pages! God bless your 2012!

  9. Thank you so much for posting these! I’m printing them all now and going to put them in my Daily Binder and pray I can stay on top of things more in 2012 😉 I was thrilled to find out that you even put the Flylady stuff on these! I’m so happy I followed the link here from the Money Saving Mom site!

  10. Thanks for these forms! I downloaded “My Personal Assistant” today and modified it for myself, and will most likely be back for more. I think I’m getting a head start on what is going to be my New Year’s resolution to organize my life more. I’m single with no kids, and can already tell it’s going to be helpful to ‘my type,’ too, not just families. Thanks again!

    PS – I might eventually post about my use of your method – and credit/link to you, of course! – on my blog.

  11. I am loving all these pages! I also like the idea of keeping track of what books of the Bible I’ve read, it’s something I’ve wanted to do but never actually thought of!

  12. The forms are great! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  13. This is awesome Amy! I have yet to put a binder together that I am happy with. I’m looking forward to learning more from you (and downloading all your fantastic printables!).


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