Cutesie Name Place Setting Craft to Make for Holidays

My family celebrates together quite often. Holidays are just an excuse for us to get together and enjoy each others company. Sure, we see each other at random times during the year but these one day holiday events give us true quality time. The thing is our family is growing and it is growing fast.

It used to be only 8 of us. My dad is an only child and he only had three kids so it was easy to have Thanksgiving way back when. Now I am married with 4 kids, my sister is married with 2 kids, and my brother is engaged to be married. We also invite over our extended family since Ryan’s family has no other relatives here (they are all in Iowa or Washington). This all makes for some crazy seating arrangements. That is what prompted us to begin using place cards.

I’ll be sharing an article all about place cards in a couple of weeks but you’ll have to hop on over to Homemaker’s Challenge to read it. 😉 In the meantime here is a tutorial for one of our favorite go-to place card holders. It is a name setting that is crafted by using a paper binder clip and some cardstock. It is easy to make and so charming!

holiday table place settings

Materials needed:

  • patterned cardstock
  • solid cardstock
  • scissors (or craft knife)
  • tape runner
  • binder clip
  • printer (optional)
  • paper punch (optional)

Cut your patterned cardstock to fit the base of your binder clip. Approximate measurements are 2 inches wide by 3 1/4 inches long.

Apply glue in strips to the back of the cardstock that was just cut.

Carefully apply the paper around the base of the binder clip.

You can either print a name on cardstock using your printer or write it by hand. Then you can either cut it out or use a paper punch and punch it out.

Once you get the name cut out then you place it between the prongs of the binder clip. You can get even fancier with this if you wanted to. You can spray paint the binder clip to match your paper or even put the name on the base of the clip and add a photo of the person between the prongs. Let your imagination guide you!

TIP: If the item you are trying to put in the clip makes it too top heavy try adding some weight to it by placing flat marbles or magnets inside of the base.

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  1. I love these! Someone made them for my new church’s Women’s Retreat. They recommended using them to hold recipes… and something else, I don’t remember, but place cards… GREAT idea!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! What a super cute idea.

  3. Love this idea. It looks so easy!

  4. Ok, I love these! Thanks for sharing: Aside from making home made cards I am a craft illiterate. These How-to’s are great!

  5. That’s so cute! The other thing you could use is patterned duct tape to decorate the clip. I love the idea!

  6. Love this! Crafty, cute and easy!


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