Italian Meatball Sub Sandwich Recipe – Prep Ahead Meals

I like to have ingredients in my pantry and refrigerator that are already prepped. That way all I have to do is grab them, put them all together and dinner is done! One of our favorite meals to have is an Italian meatball sub sandwich. I have my already made tomato sauce from this recipe and pre-cooked meatballs. Since I freeze the meatballs after I cook them I’ll take them out of the freezer the day of this meal and let them thaw.

The ingredients needed for these subs of delight are:

  • meatballs
  • tomato sauce
  • Italian cheeses
  • Italian herbs/spices blend
  • Po-boy or Sub buns (in a pinch you can also use hot dog buns)

Just pour a good bit of sauce over the thawed meatballs and microwave for 1-2 minutes. You can also do this on the stove top.

Heat your buns in the oven.

When the buns come out all hot and crispy, add a nice helping of cheese and Italian herbs and spices.

Top with the warm meatballs and sauce. This is also delicious with the homemade Cherry Lemonade from this recipe. Serve with your favorite chips and enjoy!

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  1. LOVE meatball subs! These look SO delicious! What a great plan!

  2. Really enjoy the information on your blog.
    This recipe looks yum
    Is there a way to print your recipes…I can’t seem to copy and paste them?


  1. […] like the Cajun trinity, tomato sauce, or chicken cutlets. One of our favorite go to lunches is a meatball sub sandwich. It is easy to make because the meatballs are cooked ahead of time and so is the […]

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