Our Family’s Shabby Cottage Plate: Chalkboard Paint w/Chandelier Stencil Tutorial

I find lots of nifty things in the clearance section of my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. A while back I found a black, sturdy plastic plate with a stand for less than $5. I didn’t know what I’d do with it at the time but for $5 I figured I could ponder that later. I had also found a small bottle of chalkboard paint on the acrylics aisle. I picked it up because I wanted to use it to paint my plate. Then I could display the plate in the kitchen and put our menu on it every week. I’d seen plenty of examples of that on Pinterest and I just loved it and wanted it for our home.

I painted the plate with the chalk paint and tried to write on it with regular chalk. Nope. It didn’t look good. I was a bit disappointed. I stuck it back in my bag of projects to mess with another day. A couple of craft store trips later I found a chandelier stencil.It was perfect. Chandeliers just symbolize a home to me. I had to have it and the bonus was that it was small enough to fit on the plate. A new idea emerged…

I painted the back of the plate in a blue shade that coordinated with my living room decor. I painted the stand the same color.

Next, I began stenciling. I had a bit of trouble getting the stencil to fit into the grooves and stay put but my crafty sister, Andrea, fixed that for me. She cut slits in the right places and that allowed me to tape it down in a way that made fit flat to the plate and easier to stencil.

I used my stencil brush kit and some white paint to stencil it on.

I went over it twice to make sure it would stand out beautifully against the black chalk paint. Wow! Did it ever. I was very happy with the outcome.

I let it sit on the counter for a couple of days just so I could look at my work. I know you don’t ever do that. 😉  A day or so later is when I discovered this hiding on the shelves at Hobby Lobby. Yes, I am a frequent visitor there and no they don’t sponsor me. Oh, how I wish they would. Anyway, this chalk marker had been there all along. It is heaven in a pen I tell ya!

I was finally able to write on my chalk board painted plate. I decided to write our names around the plate since to me, a chandelier symbolizes home and a home is family.

…bunny trail: Did you know I also use a chandelier on my blog for the “home” section. I just love the warmth and happiness a simple chandelier brings. You can put them anywhere too. It is kind of like drinking green vegetable and fruit juice out of a wine glass. It just tastes better. 🙂

So here she is… my pretty “home” plate. What do you think? What symbolizes home for you?

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  1. Very cute! I especially like the peeks of the family pics! LOL!

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