Specific Ways to Make Money Blogging: Day {30}

First of all… if you want to make money with your blog you should start with a small investment. Darcy is our featured instructor for Better Blogging: Identity & Branding in Today’s Blogosphere. DIY Ministry’s workshops are providing what you need to accomplish your online goals. You may not know how much you need this workshop but I’ll show you how much of a difference it makes.

Look at my stats taken from my statcounter today:

A few months ago I scheduled a consultation with Darcy. I’ve known her for a long time. We are both blogging dinosaurs. While I was investing my time in other projects she was busy investing her time in learning how this vast expanse of blogging works. She has it figured out for the most part. The advice she gave me was game changing. I started implementing the few techniques she taught me and boom…traffic started coming my way. Because she also taught me how to streamline and hone my content, the traffic I started getting began converting to regular readers. With traffic and regular readers come trust and monetization.

I was able to accomplish my two main goals: develop real relationships and an added bonus is the traffic brings increased income. The majority of the funds I receive aren’t because my readers buy things off of my blog. It is from advertisers who are paying to simply be seen.

So, first thing you should do is register for Darcy’s workshop: Better Blogging: Identity & Branding in Today’s Blogosphere. If you attend her workshop then you will understand how to use the following information to get maximum results.

Specific income sources:

Affilates – I represent several companies as an affiliate. As an affiliate I try out every product, read every ebook, and use every service. I do not recommend or promote anything I have not purchased or tried myself. The one time I did do that I had someone email me with a concern about it and I could not respond with integrity. The reason is because I had no knowledge of the product outside of the affiliate program. I have never, every done that again.

You stake your reputation on the products you promote. Make sure they are worthy.

Here is a short list of companies I am affiliated with and highly recommend because I know they have great value.

And because you will have so many affiliates that it is hard to keep track of, I suggest MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate. I use it and I love it. It makes adding affiliate links so easy.

I also use MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet which helps your readers to go through the subscribing process painlessly and effortlessly (especially if you have a newsletter).

Next week I will finish off this list with some additional companies. These should be enough to get you started. 🙂


  1. Hey Girlfriend,

    I’m just thrilled for you! Anything you do, is done with your heart. You’ve been so helpful and such a blessing to me over the years.

    Miss you♥

  2. This was an interesting read! I’m still a very new blogger (haven’t even been online 6 months yet), so I’m not at the point of making money, but it is something to think about.

    By the way, I saw that you’re going to be contributing to the marriage series over at Time-Warp Wife. I will be writing for it, too. I’m very excited about the challenge!

  3. Okay, registering for the workshop….. but I see this more in my future. I have a goal to make money on my blog, but I have only been blogging since August 1st (hatchling dinosaur). When do you start entertaining ideas of affliiates? When you have X subscribers or a certain number of views each day? Is there a magic formula?? And yes I would be happy to advertise for DIYMinistry. It has been worth every penny of the $24.95. (hint, hint )

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