There is no such thing as a small blog… {Day 31}

I wanted to wrap up my 31 days of online ministry series with the bottom line:

There is no such thing as a small blog.

Even though stat counters, RSS readers, comments and links can be a good indicator of how well you are following the techniques and skills necessary to grow your blog they still lack in comparison to one major detail…the person behind the number.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you have a small blog. Whether Jesus was speaking to a crowd of 700,  the group of His 12 disciples, or only Peter, it didn’t change His message; it didn’t change His heart to reach them. Remember, He said He would leave the flock to go after the one (Luke 15:3-7). What truly matters is the relationships. And it may not even be that you have a blog for their benefit. It could be for you.

Quite often, I receive emails from women telling me how something I’ve written has helped them or given them a different perspective on something that they once looked at negatively. On those days I thank God and remember that this is why I blog. This is why I keep blogging. This is why only one number matters to me.

Then there are other days when I get out of my comfort zone and write a post like this: My Life: Without the Mask.

I almost unpublished that post. I felt like I was being to negative or not encouraging enough. I felt like it wasn’t the right thing to post. Who wants to read the blog of someone who is focusing on what isn’t good, right? But then I left it. I decided to be transparent. I did that because if you and I lived down the road from each other and visited often then sooner or later you would see that I don’t always have great days or weeks. I wanted you to see the real me when things aren’t great so that you can see the real me when I am overcoming it. And it was on that day that I realized something new.

Sometimes the “one” I blog for is me.

I received so much encouragement from all of my online friends and even some who had never been to my blog before that day. And on the day after, while I was waiting for my husband to return home from a week long emergency trip to California,  I was clearing out some room for a relative who was going to be staying with us. It was a stressful day. I was purging things by the car full. I was worried about my husband and our family member being on the road for three days straight. I was worried about lots of things. And if I may say so myself I was throwing a pity party in my own mind wondering how in the world all of these things could be happening to us in such a short time. Then the door bell rang. A skinny little delivery man handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers: bright yellow ones with a lemon in the bottom of the vase. They were from my blog friend, Janet.

I don’t know about you but I consider my online friends “real” friends. Friends support each other; encourage each other; and they listen to the voice of God and send yellow flowers with a lemon in the vase even if they don’t understand why.

Yellow: It is bright and reflects light. It is the color of friendship.

Lemons: Even when things are sour you can make something sweet out of it.

Turn lemons into lemonade. That’s what I did. That was the message I received from God through my friend, Janet. On days like that I thank God and remember that this is why I blog. This is why I keep blogging. This is why only one number matters to me.

If only one person ever read my blog it still wouldn’t be small. God does big things. If you have purpose in your posts then you are already a success. Blog for one.

I have come to know and love so many of you. I want to start naming and linking to people but I fear that I might accidentally leave one person out and that would make me sad. You all make a difference in my life. I appreciate you all. We do this for each other. I love you all!

Find the rest of the series here: 31 Days to Online Ministry


  1. I was so glad I stumbled upon this post! I started a blog many moons ago and stopped, but recently felt as if I needed to start documenting all that I experienced as if there was a purpose and a plan beyond my feeble mind. This blog, with very little followers (possibly due to the stop and start) was the cause of my interview with one of my favorite ministry leaders!! I felt very ashamed to share my current viewership, but the Pastor told me that God can take what we deem a little bitty blog and blow it up in the wink of an eye. I may only have only one viewer a day, but your post confirms that there is purpose in our passion.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. ((Hugs!))

  3. Amy, this post is why I am an avid fan. You shoot from the hip and write from your heart – and it’s that combination of honesty & encouragement that I cannot resist. I appreciate your ministry SO VERY MUCH!!! It’s nice to be reminded that we can write for a variety of reasons on different days, but ultimately God can use us to touch just ONE person – and THAT makes a huge difference to Him… You totally rock!

  4. Thank you for this encouragement. I do like to know that someone is reading my blog, but it is definitely also just for me. I love that your friend sent you the flowers (And lemon!) just when you needed it, a cool God thing! Thanks again and God bless you!!

  5. i heart u

  6. I am so glad I had no idea this was going to be posted today. LOL

    For those who don’t yet fully understand God’s utmost desire to be in the most intimate details of our lives, whether we are the one who needs or provides the encouragement, let me add more that Amy does not know.

    Yes I felt led to send her flowers. And who doesn’t love to send a surprise bouquet of happiness? I was having fun going through the options in my financial price range when I stumbled across this bouquet priced higher than I could afford to spend after taxes, delivery, etc.

    Naturally I skipped it, when I began to clearly feel conviction to go back and order these. You know, the compelling, relentless conviction that was drowning out *my* choice of flowers. lol

    Long story short I was provided with a discount code, which you know NEVER work, that bumped me from $13 over my budget to $6 UNDER budget. And the scripture I ended up attaching was not what I originally planned but what God knew Amy needed to be reminded of.

    These, without a doubt, were straight from God. My involvement was purely obedience to His promptings. Sometimes we think of the mission field is a glamorous, powerful story of feeding, building and reading with those in third world countries. But many times it’s right next to us if we are open to obedience of where & when He calls us to action.

    And when we are real, raw & honest with Him and others -just as Amy was on her blog- His love and reminders of our importance to Him is real, raw & honest right back. Thank you for being courageous & real Amy! XOXO

  7. Thank you.

  8. Good morning! I set out to encourage someone in bloggy land today and I picked you! I know that ministry can be lonely so here is a friendly hello and have a happy day.

    🙂 Blessings,


  9. claire scott says:

    You are an inspiration each time I read a post. Thank you for living for the Lord


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