Family Tree Subway Art

Day 18

One year ago today I received a phone call that brought me to my knees. A man I’ve known most of my life, the father of my three oldest sons, passed away at 35. Family  has always been important to us but preserving our family’s heritage is now more important than ever. I don’t want my kids to ever forget where they came from and who they owe a debt of gratitude to.

For a while now, I’ve seen subway art all over the blogosphere. I’ve wanted to have a piece of artwork like that but could never quite settle on what kind of subway art I wanted. I’ve seen the ones with messages, rules, places visited and addresses and though I thought they were awesome they didn’t quite fit what I wanted. Then it hit me: family tree subway art.

I wanted something that reminded us of those who have walked before us. This was perfect. Becuase I believe in Christ with all of my heart, I chose to include him in the center. Surrounding his name are the surnames in my children’s family tree back to their great-grandparents. Because we have a blended family I included my former spouse’s surnames too. I have not had it printed out yet but here is what it will look like:

I am giving you the .pdn file to edit. You must download the free program in order to open it and change it. I chose this software because I wanted to make sure everyone had access to the it. The .pdn includes the border I used to keep everything lined up. After adding all of your family’s surnames (one in each layer) simply delete the border layer or make it invisible. The size of this subway art is 15″ by 30″ but it can be scaled down or made larger to fit your needs.

Download Printables:

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  1. I cannot open this and I’m really sad about it. What do I need to do to see the picture? What program do you use this in? Thanks for getting back to me.

  2. Amy, What a perfect gift this would be -I am actually thinking of my FIL -he has everything and the past few years he has been researching his heritage -What a great gift this would be for him -Thanks for sharing this great idea. I look forward to your posts everyday -you truly are a reflection of Christ’s love to your children.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. It always comes as a shock to lose someone dear to your heart and who has had a significant impact upon your life.

  4. I have been drawn to subway art lately, too. This is a great idea! I love keeping that sense of history and family and it’s importance.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Amy. Since I’m a new reader I didn’t know of your loss but as someone who has also lost a spouse I am so thankful for your honesty and vulnerability.

  6. I am going to do this. What an awesome baby shower gift idea too! Thanks, Amy!

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