Garage Sale Sign Free Printable w/ Yardsale Tips & Tricks

Day 4

I am a big fan of garage sales. I frequent them regularly. I have also been host to many sales in my day. I’ve found that the one thing that helps to sell items more than any other is the advertising. You have to have a good sign. They must be eye-catching. I assure you that others will judge you based on your sign. Oh, and put them all over to help customers find your sale.


Here are my yard sale tips:

  1. Host a group sale. Neighborhood sales bring much more traffic and cut costs and time of marketing. Gather some of your neighbors and host 1-2 neighborhood sales a year. You will see an increase in your profit this way.
  2. Think like your customer. Would you want to be greeted when you arrive? Then greet and chat with your customers. When you pick up that incense holder would you know what it is? If not then label it so they will know. Would you pay $5 for that porcelain wiener dog with a missing tail? Then don’t price it that high.
  3. Arrange items like the stores do. Display items in a way that they are easily seen by customers. Group like items together. Mark them with a price and description if needed and make sure it is legible. BONUS: Labeling the item prevents the ol’ tag switcheroo from occurring. Put items you want to sell the most at eye level. Bring out bookcases and shelves to display items instead of tables. Make sure your layout is easy to navigate. Don’t put stuff on the ground and in boxes. For items that you want to receive top dollar for, be sure to include all accessories and print out a product description or flyer from Amazon complete with a few reviews.
  4. Use a waist pouch instead of a cashbox. With the money attached to your waist you can keep it safe and you aren’t tied down to one location. You can move around and answer questions or keep things tidy. BONUS: Be sure to have enough change on hand for customers. Professionals recommend 1 roll of quarters, 25 one dollar bills and a 4 five dollar bills.
  5. Advertise the sale. If you are hosting a neighborhood sale then everyone can chip in and stick an ad in the newspaper. Free advertising consists of Craigslist and Yard Sale Treasure Map. Be sure to use keywords for items you are selling so that people searching for those items can find them. Example: if you are selling furniture list some of the specific types like bed, dresser, sofa or table. Also list other items that customers may be searching for. Remember #2, “think like your customer.”
  6. Make it easy for shoppers to test items requiring electricity. Have an extension cord ready so that people can test lamps, vacuums, radios, TVs and microwaves.  Also, have some batteries ready for items requiring those. Don’t sell them with the item but do have them available for testing.
  7. Capitalize on seasons. Attempt to host two sales a year so that you can make a profit when it counts. You are much more likely to get $15 for a snow blower in September than you are in June.


One sign is in .png form and can be edited using or Gimp. Other printable is in a .doc file and can be edited using Microsoft Word or the free open source software called Open Office. To customize it you only need to find the text box, type in the text you want, change the font to how you want it and save. After you customize them to suit your needs print them out on cardstock. You can laminate them for added stability.

BONUS: If you collect various yard signs from events or political endeavors (simply contact the reps to see if you can have the signs once the event is over) then you can spray paint them white and simply place your sign in the center. Makes it easy to place signs all over!


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  1. LOVE your site! LOVE your printables!
    Just found you via Google search for printable Mason jar labels. Subscribed via RSS feed because I loved your site so much! Thank you!

  2. Great idea on left over political signs.

  3. EVErything you siad was true. I don’t think garage sellers. sometimes I stop by one and I feel like I’m trespassing. People tend to over price which takes all the fun out of a tag sale. I’mgoing to get something great for cheap. I’m doing 31 Days of Orange. Please come by.

  4. Hi Amy!
    I received your lovely email from commenting on your blog! Love your 31 days post – free printables are my fave! I am also partaking in the 31 days challenge – 31 days of active waiting… I’m new to the blogworld, and hope to chat with and get to know more amazing bloggers like yourself through this process! I’m now following your blog – thanks! Happy Tuesday!

  5. I think I would have to delete the “early birds welcome” statement because boy, they drive me nuts! 🙂

  6. Great tips! Especially the waist pouch idea!


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