Mason Jar Canning Labels and Lid Stickers / Customizable Printables

Day 19

I prefer to make most of my own pantry staples. That way I can control the amount of sodium, processed ingredients and I can customize them to my liking. Some I have posted about recently are:

I make others too which I’ll post about soon enough but in the meantime, how about a few labels to go with those recipes?

The large square label can be used to label the contents of the jar. The larger round label is for the lid in case you organize your canning staples in a drawer and need the lid for identification. Or, you can use both the square label and lid. The smaller one is to put either the date it was made or the date it is good until.

All printables in .png files can be edited using the free programs or Gimp. These labels are made to fit with the following label sheets : Avery 5164, 1.2″ Circle labels, and Avery 5294 but you can also use Avery’s sticker sheet papers and cut them out yourself. I find I get a better deal this way unless I find the other sheets on sale.

Download Printables:

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  1. Yikes, girl, a ton of time has been put into this series…I can tell. Very cool. Can’t wait to dig around and see some of your earlier posts in the series.

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