Prevent Lost Checked Luggage / Travel Essentials Printables

Day 6

When I travel I like to well prepared. I try to pack clothing that doesn’t require ironing and I leave all valuables at home. I don’t take large bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash and also, I don’t buy it there. You will need some toiletries and things for travel but there is no need to spend lots of money on it. I’ve tried those little trial sizes a few times but I can no longer justify spending 10x as much for a brand of shampoo that I don’t even like. That is why I started using my own little bottles and packing my own favorite bath products. Now I have the convenience of home without carrying the entire bottle with me.

I found these little bottles at Target. I fill it with my mmm, mmm, smell good shampoo and then I slap one of my little labels on it. Fast, easy and convenient and I travel light!

NOTE: I print these (and most of my other stickers) on Avery Project Sticker Paper (not an affiliate link). I cut them out afterwards. By using this paper for all of the printables that need to be printed as stickers I don’t spend a ton of money on pre-cut stuff. This paper works fine for all of it.

I make my own checked luggage tags too. I really don’t like stopping to fill one out at the baggage check so instead I just print out my luggage tags on cardstock and stamp the back with my address stamper. Then I use a hole punch to remove the white center at the top and then laminate the tag and use some fancy ribbon to tie it to my bag.

Tips to Use When Checking Your Bags (Ways to Prevent Lost Luggage):

  • Leave your information inside the bag. Put your name, address and phone number in several locations within the bag just in case the bag is lost and the baggage tag gets torn off.
  • Using your cell phone, take a photo of your luggage just in case you need it later. You just never know if you will need it.
  • Pack light. If a bag is too large or weighs too much then you increase the chance of the bag having to be rerouted for manual sorting or extra security screenings.
  • Stick to one carrier. Some booking websites have you take connecting flights through different carriers but that increases the chance of your luggage being lost.
  • Make your bag easier to locate at baggage pick-up by making it stand out. Use homemade or custom luggage tags and tie it onto your bags using a unique ribbon.

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  1. Amy, another great post. I wanted to mention a tip from my days as a meeting planner.

    If your luggage is lost, the airline personnel will open the most accessible zippered compartment to see if contact and flight info is there. What if the name tag is lost? Torn off by a powerful belt or even just on accident by someone when they threw it onto the conveyor belt? The airline personnel have to have an alternative way to contact the owner.

    Print off a luggage enclosure card that has the following info:
    -your name
    -your contact info, be it your destination hotel address and phone number or your cell number
    -your travel dates
    -your flight info

    Put this information in the most accessible zippered compartment of your luggage. (I just print my receipt and use that). I also do this for carry on luggage. Then the airline folks will know where to send the luggage or at least how to contact you to tell you your luggage was lost. (My luggage has been lost many times, but that was long before they scanned bags.)

    Also, if your luggage is locked, they will open it with one of the many master keys they have. So it is ok to put the info on the inside as well. Having worked for the airlines, I prefer to stick it in the most accessible pocket as that is where the airline personnel will look first.

  2. Kathy McDaniel says:

    The luggage tags are so cute!! Thank you Amy!!

  3. Good idea on taking a cell phone picture, of your luggage! I also did this everyday we were in D.C. of where we parked our van in the parking garage, because after a few days of 1C and 2D….brain goes to mush! 😉

  4. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing! I am going to start following your series and buy some sticker paper :)… gotta love cute labels.

  5. Thanks for the luggage printables. What a fun way to recognize your luggage. With so many that look the same, this is going to be way easier to find!!!

  6. I feel like the bag tag “Not yours, this one belongs to me!” is the label that God places on us so that Satan and all his scheming buddies can plainly see, we’re tagged for Him.

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