What Staples to Keep Stocked in Pantry: Pantry Staples Printable List

Day 30

At our house we have developed a system that allows us to have good, homemade meals that are fast and easy to make. One of my rules is to always have certain items on hand in the pantry or freezer. I’ll share my list with you today and in the future, on this blog, you will get to see many posts that will include recipes using these ingredients.

The ones in blue are the ones that I will be posting or have already posted here on the site. I’ll link to those that are already posted. Those that aren’t linking are coming soon!

Baking Supplies:


  • Whole wheat

Pantry Items:



All files in .doc files can be edited using the free program Open Office or the premium program Microsoft Word.

Download Printables:

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  1. I’d love to download your Pantry & Essentials list, but my I-Mac is refusing!! Can you do it as pdf or jpg format Thanks and Blessings. Judie


  1. […] to have the best tasting foods at a fraction of the cost, I have started making some of my own pantry staples. Ketchup was one of the last things on my list to try because I can usually get it at a good price […]

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