Blogger Behave by Laura Booz

For a short read, this is a gold nugget packed ebook. In Blogger Behave Laura takes you along for the ride in  her sentimental, wisdom producing, often hilarious blogging journey. I was able to read it in one evening and most of the truths and stories she shares are profound. Some others will leave you belly laughing. Yeah, you’ll have to read it to discover the humor in vegan mayonnaise.

Here is just snippet into the heart of the book:

So, when I share a story like the tragedy of losing our prenatal 20-week old baby, a precious reader might be encouraged to say “no” to a tempting abortion. I don’t have to stay up late composing a five-point argument against abortion, I just need to say, “We loved her. We named her Juliette and she had her great-grandmother’s chin.” To write life-giving messages, I need to let my beliefs spin around and bump up against humanity for a while. I’m much happier when I blog like that because I grow as a person, and I notice from my reader’s comments that they grow, too. The stories of our lives are more powerful than our theories. When I write about the specific and personal application of my convictions – instead of about the convictions themselves – I bear fruit that will last.


I definitely recommend Laura’s book. Buy Blogger Behave for $4.99!

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