Mason Jar Storage Ideas

Finding ways to reuse or repurpose things is something I love to do. Mason jars are great for repurposing, especially for storage. I found these nifty ways to use mason jars as storage.



By: Fresh Cut Spaces

These jars got a makeover. A child’s plastic toy animal was glued to the lid and then the lid/animal were painted in bright hues. They were then used as storage for children’s art supplies. You can find them here: Children’s Art Supply Jars.

By: My Sister's Cottage

Here the jar was used to store ribbon. This would be great in a craft room! Find the post here: Mason Jar Ribbon Storage.

By: The Kitchn

I like to make my own spice mixes and I often use my Mason Jars to store them. The Kitchn had the same idea. Check it out: Mason Jar Spice Storage.

By: Liz Marie

Liz Marie made a wall of storage with the jars. You can find her complete tutorial here: Mason Jar Wall Storage Tutorial.


For the next 10 days I will be posting about various ways to use Mason Jars to make the holidays more festive, frugal, and meaningful. Join me and the following bloggers as we take you through “10 Days of”. [sponsored by Heart of the Matter Online]

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  1. Ika Devita Susanti says:

    My favorite post today is this one! Totally fun! Thanks for sharing those fabulous links!

  2. OMG – I LOVE the art supply idea. Thanks for sharing

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