DIY Fast & Easy Yarn Scarf (No Crochet or Knit): Great Last Minute Gift!

My lil sis, Tori, was knitting a scarf and got frustrated that it was taking so long so she came up with this idea to make a no-knit scarf. It is soooo cute! As soon as I saw it I had to have one. I just love it. And you know I love DIY projects too so this was right up my alley.

The yarn used for this is DIY winter scarf is Homespun Lion Brand Yarn (not sponsored or an affiliate). It is textured so it gives the scarf a bit of charm. First we measured out about 12 foot of yarn but we are short people. Just wrap the yarn around your neck like you would a scarf then add a foot for extra measure. You can always cut it shorter if you need to. This part of the process will vary depending on how long you want the scarf to be. Keep in mind that you can always trim it after it is finished too. You will need 50-100 pieces depending on how thick you want it.

Once the pieces are all cut and laid out, tie a knot in the end leaving about 12 inches of excess on the end for fringe. You want it to be secure but not not too tight.

Next, brush out the yarn with your fingers and then separate into three sections.

Twist each section loosely and hold the ends securely. Begin braiding. Don’t braid it too tightly.

You should see a thick braid begin to appear.

Once you reach the end (about 12 inches from longest piece of yarn), hold tightly under the braided portion and brush out the remaining yarn.

Carefully tie a loose but firm knot underneath the braid.

After the knot is tied, trim the remaining pieces of yarn to your liking. Tori and I prefer for the pieces to be uneven so we just trimmed it up a bit.

Finally, try on your new, most favorite winter wardrobe accessory. You can’t beat it for under $3, DIY, warm, and fashionable!

This would make a great last minute Christmas gift too!


  1. Hi Tiffany, I tried it using a cotton yarn… it looks good and feel so fluffy. Maybe next time I’ll try using a wool yarn (a little bit expensive than cotton yarn)

  2. Has anyone tried regular yarn… If so does it turn out well?

  3. Amy, Is there a way to make scarfs for the other seasons beside winter?

  4. What an awesome DIY project! I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet and knit but just don’t have the patience for it, but this is right up my alley and something I can teach my own daughters too! Thanks and Happy 2013!

  5. LOVE this idea!!!!!

  6. What a PERFECT DIY for Christmas gifts. (and for myself!)

  7. I just made one and it is so cute and will make great gifts! My mom cant wait until she gets hers.

  8. Brandi121211 says:

    I made one and absolutely love it! My only question is about the ends fraying. Does that always happen, or is it just me? Other than that, I love it!

  9. This could really cut down on the time it will take to make fifteen of them.

  10. Great idea.. especially for someone whom you have no idea what to get and don’t wish to spend a ton (if any) money on! I made one for my new sister in law, out of yarn that I had sitting around.. it didn’t take much.. I barely used half of the yarn to make it! I actually think I might make more now for fillers for the holidays for the family now as well, however i might fishtail braid them instead… with two different colors.

  11. After I saw this I ran out and bought some yarn! I made 3 of them today! They are sooo easy to make and cute!

  12. Just out of curiosity…. do they wash up well?  I always seem to get something on my scarf plus I just wear scarves a LOT!  Thank you for this great idea!!

  13. I loved these for sticking stuffers for my sister in-laws. I made 5 last night. It only took until the 4th one to realize I was brading to tightly (which made them much shorter). I also used approximatley 10 feet of yarn and just used the whole pack. 7 would probably work now that it clicked how to braid it:) Thank you so much for the idea! Hoping they love them as much as I do (I tried each and every one on!).
    Merry Christmas!

    • My goodness – I needed spell check! I am going to blame the late nights and lack of sleep. I made them for STOCKING stuffers, and I was BRAIDING them too tightly. It was APPROXIMATELY 10 feet:) Whew…..

  14. Lisasaves1013 says:

    Is that just one thing of yarn? I love it but want to make sure I have enough.

  15. Fantastic! I love this and love scarves but don’t knit. Hello solution!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. OMGoodness! These are wonderful. I’m thinking my sisters, mom, mom-in-law… all will be getting one of these wonderful handmade gifts. Thanks so much 🙂 

  17. Love this, Amy.  Going to go get some yarn tonight to make some of these! 🙂

    • I’d love to see them when you are done. These are like my new most favorite thing to make. 🙂

      • I made one last night, Amy, but it turned out really…short!  I measured my yarn out 7 feet and the scarf will barely wrap around my neck once. 🙁  I should have realized it seemed really short when I was making it, but I was just too excited and in too much of a hurry I think.  I have seven more scarves to make, so I think I’ll make them twice as long?  What do you think?

        • We are some short people here so you should probably use more. I changed the directions in the post too to reflect that. 🙂  Just wrap the yarn around your neck like you would a scarf then add a foot for extra measure. You can always cut it shorter if you need to.

  18. I absolutely love this, Amy! I love DIY that let me accessorize without spending loads of money!  Love that royal blue color … so cozy!

  19. WOW! That is totally awesome….and right up my alley since  I can’t sew or crochet. 🙂

  20. This is such a great idea & a gorgeous result!


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