Printable Christmas Gift Tags & DIY Brown Paper Gift Bags

Yesterday I shared a recipe for the best Christmas cookies I’ve ever had: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookie Recipe. The recipe makes so many that we began giving them away to neighbors, friends, postal carrier and others that we wanted to bless for Christmas. It became a tradition for us.

Over time I discovered inexpensive ways to craft Christmas gift bags out of brown paper bags to package the cookies in. I’m sharing the printable at the bottom of this post and I’ll also share how I make the gift bags.

First, you need lots of cookies.

Next, place a piece of tissue paper inside of each bag and fill with the goodies. I usually put about a dozen in each bag.

Watch out for cookie thieves!

Then I secure the bags a couple of different ways. I’ll show you my favorite ways but you only need to use one.

For this bag I folded over the top and then punched two holes on each side. I cut a piece of string and threaded it through the inner holes from the back and then threaded them through the holes in the front. The next photo will show it in more detail.

This shows how it loops through.

Finally, just tie it in the front.

You can attach one of the tags on the string before tying the bow.

For this one I only made two holes and I just kept feeding it through and finally tied it off.

Then I fed the thick ribbon behind it and tied it into a bow.


Use various bows, ribbons, and string for different looks.

Deliver them to your favorite service people and let them enjoy!

Download Free Printables:

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  1. Vicki Truman says:

    Amy, Just found your blog today & I have to say – I love it!
    These Christmas tags are SO cute! Can’t wait to use them.
    Thanks for sharing all of your time and talent.

  2. Beautiful!!!! I love it! Bright idea sister. You are so talented.

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