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This is the photo from my blog post here: Sugar Cookie and Buttercream Recipe. One thing I’ve learned by reading other blogs is that photos are most appealing when they are taken in their most natural state. I love the photos that seem as though they could be right in front of me. That is what I was going for with these photos. I didn’t want to clean up the flour mess or have the whole tray of cookies complete. I took a photo of the process. And I love it.

Too often I’ve seen (and taken) photos that looked too perfect to achieve. I’ve glistened them to perfection and made them unrealistic. Those are okay on occasion but a blog full of them might get to be a bit much. Go for the beauty in the natural.

So what kind of shots have you taken lately?

If you want to join along with me I have a link up ready for you to to link to. This should be lots of fun! We will do this every Wednesday so mark your calendars and be sure to follow the feed so you can share and learn along with us!

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  1. I think all my pictures are natural and mess up. I use my camera phone with only 3.2 MP and sometimes it’s difficult to take the picture when it’s dark. But I still love my camera phone though.

  2. I so agree with you – it is fun to see the progress, especially in cooking or craft photos. Have a great day!

  3. I saw that sugar cookie post a while ago and came back searching for it before Christmas.  I couldn’t find it!!!!  Thanks for referencing it, I’m pinning it NOW!

  4. I’m following your series, but I don’t have anything to link up. I can use new tips though! Thanks.

  5. Traci Michele says:

    Great tips Amy thanks!  Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

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