Getting Into the Details of Blog Photography

This is the photo from my blog post here: Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cupcake Recipe w/ Cream Cheese Frosting. For this photo I wanted to really capture what the cupcake was about. I purposely put the icing off center to reveal the vanilla sugar underneath. I put it on a plate that would cause it to to be the star of the post. Patterned plates typically take away from the food that is placed on it. The eye is immediately drawn to the more profound pattern. I also put some of the chocolate shavings all around the plate to give it a bit of interest. I used the macro setting to get all of the little details. Finally, I took it outside, in the evening to get the best lighting possible.

So what kind of shots have you taken lately?

If you want to join along with me I have a link up ready for you to to link to. This should be lots of fun! We will do this every Wednesday so mark your calendars and be sure to follow the feed so you can share and learn along with us!

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  1. Loving this series and all your tips for better picture taking. Yummy… I want that cupcake! Look forward to making it!

  2. Wow, the way you take the picture really determine how people taste the food. lol. I am learning to do it. lol. I have tried the blurry technique and it’s quite difficult for me though. lol. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Amy, this is great!! I need to learn how to take better pictures, and I never would have thought of setting the icing off to the side!

    Thank you!!

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