Homemade Scouring Powder Cleaning Product Recipe: Natural Cleaning Series

I don’t know about you but I fell right into the hype the FlyLady started many years ago. I just knew that if my neighbors came over and saw that my sink was not sparkling then chances are they would know I was a failure. That got me started down the road of clean sink fulfillment. I went through a container of Comet every two weeks. I did this for years and over time the results of it became evident. My hands started cracking and peeling at the cuticle.

You might be wondering why I didn’t just wear gloves but the fact is, I did wear gloves! The residue commercial cleaners leave behind can do just as much damage as being directly exposed to it. Every time I filled the sink with water to rinse the dishes, I was in fact putting my hands in a sink full of left behind commercial cleaner.

These days I still scrub my sink but my hands aren’t at all damaged like they used to be. Simply switching the ingredients has given me a clean sink and healthy hands. Not to mention we are no longer ingesting the left over residue of Comet from it being on our dishes. It is because of these experiences that I want to teach you how to clean your house naturally.

This recipe is simple and you will likely use lots of it. It is easy to double or even triple the recipe and it is still less expensive than the harmful stuff.

Homemade Scouring Powder Recipe

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 1 cup Borax
  • 3 packs of True Lemon

Add all ingredients into a large bowl. Combine well with a whisk. Use a funnel and pour into a one quart jar or container. To use, sprinkle on surface, scrub clean with wet sponge or brush, rinse completely.

Download Homemade Scouring Powder Labels

For best results, print on mailing labels or Avery sticker paper. After adhering to bottle, use contact paper over the label to give it added protection.

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  1. Could you use lemon or orange zest, rather than the True Lemon?

  2. What has your experience been with flylady? I just checked out the site. I’m excited to make my first batch of homemade cleaner. Thanks Amy!

  3. Amy,
    I’ve really enjoyed this series so far, and am very interested in starting to use your DIY cleaning products. I’ve been using straight vinegar in the kitchen for about a year now, but love the idea of a better-smelling cleaner. You mentioned in a previous post that you were going to show price break downs – did I miss it, or is that coming soon?


  4. Teresa Broos says:

    I am also curious to know what True Lemon or True Orange are and where it can be found. Have not seen it before. Thank you for the receipes.

    • Thank you, Teresa! I replied in a previous comment about the True Lemon. It is simply crystallized citrus. Any brand will do. I simply prefer True Lemon and can get it from Amazon.

  5. I had not added sea salt to my recipe. I’ll bet that helps on tough stains. Sometimes I just use baking soda all by itself. I like adding the lemon just for the clean smell. Thanks!!

  6. Lisa Rose says:

    Hi, You used True Lemon and I think True Orange in the dishwasher cleaner too. Could you tell me what this is please. I am in NZ and have never heard of it. I too love homemade cleansers … it’s so easy being green and making them at home saves you so much money. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Lisa

    • Lisa, True Lemon is available online. That is the only place I’ve seen it. It is simply the brand I prefer. All it consists of is crystallized citrus. Some people use lemonade Kool-Aid but I prefer the real thing.

  7. I am intrigued by this make-your-own-cleaners series. Where do you buy the ingredients for them? The one ingredient, castile(?), I have no idea what this is. Please point me in the right direction!!!


  8. Momma Ruby says:

    Could you use straight lemon or orange juice for these recipes or do you have to buy the True products?

    • Ruby, you could but I wouldn’t mix it in the powder. It would become too soggy and difficult to get out of the bottle in the small amounts you would need. I use the True products because they are dried. If you prefer to use lemon with it what I would suggest is cutting the lemon in half and using it to scrub the powder. Or, you could saturate a sponge with lemon juice and use that to scrub the powder. I believe that would work well too.

  9. I saw on the labels that you add essential oils. Do you have a favorite for this particular recipe?

    • lemon or grapefruit. 🙂

      • Jackie B. says:

        Hi Amy, can I substitute citric acid for the real lemon packets? I am having a difficult time finding true/real lemon. I know that you use citric acid in your borax-free laundry soap, which I will be making tomorrow!

  10. Awesome! I have a little bit different recipe for this, but I use the empty parmesan bottle. I can use the shake side or put a spoon in the other side if needed. I know its plastic, but it works. You could also poke wholes in a mason jar lid to shake it, too. 🙂


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