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  1. Just discovered your blog. I am down the road in Covington and love this series on natural cleaning. Thanks!!

  2. I have read that if you mix a soap, such as castile soap, with vinegar they will cancel out the benefits of each other being they are a acid and base. But on the other hand I see so many different cleaners with vinegar and soap. Is there any truth to this that you know of?

    • Christi – I just read this blog post regarding mixing the two. Very interesting! http://lisa.drbronner.com/?p=292

    • Hi Christi and Dawn. I’ve addressed this many times before but I’ll mention again that this post by Lisa Bronner is not completely accurate and is misleading at best. The science just isn’t there. You can read her comments for information from scientists and others who have challenged her theories. Most all of my recipes have been lab tested and proven to work. Only three did not meet my requirements but still could match most brands on the market. In many recipes the castile is not cancelled out by vinegar. So many factors come into play here that I cannot list them all. The lab that did these studies gave me pages of info to counter what Ms. Bronner argues. I beg you to do your own research and look for scientific evidence.

      You can substitute other dish soaps for the castile but I prefer to stay as natural as possible so I always use castile. I’ve used this recipe for over 3 1/2 years and never had any of the issues that Ms. Bronner speaks of and the all purpose cleaner works better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

      And to hone in on her main argument, if you only mix castile and vinegar (nothing else) then yes, they will cause a reaction that brings them to a neutral PH but it still does not render them useless. Most products on the market have a PH of 7 since it is safe for most surfaces and that doesn’t make them useless. It will still clean and kill germs.

  3. Holy COW! I had no idea that bleach was THAT horrible! 🙁 I rarely use it, but still! OH MY GOODNESS! It’s gone. I just saw this morning that a good way to clean a toilet is to use a denture tablet. Let it soak in the bowl for 30 minutes and scrub with the toilet brush and voila! a minty fresh toilet. Not sure how “natural” that is, but it’s a sight better than bleach!

  4. Hi Amy…I am looking forward to your 17 days of natural cleaning.
    Linda from
    Famiglia This & That
    Home Cooking


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