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My friend, Darlene Schacht, has written a book that will help women to step into their roles as their husband’s helper.

I love Darlene. She has been someone dear to my heart for years. I know that when she puts her heart and mind to something that it is going to be grand. This book is no different.

Darlene will take you back to a time most of us only recall in movies: a time when women were confident enough in themselves to give their all to their husbands, their children, and their home. A time when even if you had a career you still cherished family above the “other stuff”. I hate to say it but this has sort of become old fashioned thinking. That is sad. Women can be all that God created them to be (career, ministry, hobby, craft) and still be able to be a helpful companion to their husband and a loving, present mother to their children. A lie we’ve been sold is that we have to choose one or the other.

Let me be clear. Having a career does not make you a successful woman. Staying home and taking care of your family does not make you a successful woman. What makes you a successful woman is wholeheartedly surrendering yourself to God and walking in what He has for you in every season of life. That is what Darlene teaches us in this book.

She shows you how she prefers to do things in her home and gives scripture references as to why she chose those things. She encourages you to seek Him for yourself to do the same. Find out what His plan for you is. How can you be the best helpmeet for your husband?

You can pick up a copy of the book here: The Good Wife’s Guide.

Are you looking to get out of debt? Was that one of your New Year’s commitments? If so, this book may help. Barry and Stacy Myers have written a helpful book on removing the burden of debt from your life and freeing your marriage to thrive in the process. It has lots of good, insightful approaches to eliminating debt and ways to get ahead even in the midst of life’s unforeseen circumstances.

You can get a copy here: For Debtor or Better.

TAX TIME and Blogging

Yes, it is that time again: tax season. If you make money from your blog or small business and you are uncertain about how to proceed for tax purposes, this is the book for you. Nikki, who is a professional bookkeeper with a degree, has answered all of your burning tax questions in this new ebook.

Can you claim your internet service? What if you buy craft supplies to make a craft for a post. Can you claim that? What forms do you fill out? What is the limit you can make without claiming it on income taxes? Should you be claiming your review products and giveaway items as income? Are blog conferences a write-off?

All these questions and more are answered in Nikki’s new book: Your Blogging Business, Tax Talk and Tips from a Bookkeeper Turned Blogger.


  1. Oh yes! I just snatched up Nikki’s book. I was just bemoaning my situation — being a blogger and having nowhere to turn for tax advice. THANK YOU! The book is beautiful and long — 87 pages! Wow! Who knew there would be so much to say!

  2. Oh, all of those books look fabulous!!!! I”m not married,…but would LOVE to be…God willing…but Ithink this would be good to have, because it would be good to learn now…and I can practice by serv ing my family 🙂 🙂 Outside of my student loans, I’m debt free 😉 🙂 It’s a little tough being “in between” jobs right now..but I do want to pay that off ASAP….and that last book…I’m trying to figure out if I can earn money from home using my blog someday…and those tax questions are so importnat…In anycase, really good book picks, for sure!!!! Thanks for sharing these. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  3. Hi Amy! Those are very interesting books.

  4. Thanks Amy 🙂

  5. Thanks for the plug. 🙂

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