Tutorial: Repurposing Crib Bumper Pads for Toddler Bed

Am I the only one who despises bumper pads? They come in every crib set, can only be used for a short period of time, and then what? When you set up the toddler bed do you just trash them?

Well, I wasn’t about to throw them away. The set is adorable, Matthias loves it, and you know I’m all about finding ways to repurpose things. I finally decided to make it one big bumper pad for the back of Matt’s bed.

You know I don’t like to sew all that much so I conned my sister into helping. Hey, Starbucks is good for that!

She started by carefully cutting the edges between every two sections of crib bumper. Next, she sewed the ends back together. She did all of this by hand, mind you. I love that girl.

After that she sewed each of the remaining two part sections together and moved a couple of the ties to more efficient locations.

Finally, we tied it to the back of Mattias’ bed. Now, if only we could get him to sleep in it! Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated. Mom and dad are so over waking up sore every morning.

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  1. I love this! I want to buy a set for my daughter’s toddler bed, but it’s a sleigh type deal and I don’t know what to do with the bumper. I may see about making it into a bed skirt of some kind.

  2. Lisa Rose says:

    I love the look of bumpers and yours looks so cute too! In NZ we are told by Plunket (NZ’s provider of support and health services for under 5) not to use bumpers. Apparently there have been issues with air flow restriction (not with the way you have it) and suffocation. I never knew whether to use them or not, so used to take the darn thing off each time I lay bubs down … lol

  3. This is cute. I wish I could sew!


  1. […] Lately, some of the things I’ve added to my repertoire are: repurposed shower curtains, bumper pads from infant crib sets, lamps (with rope), plates from the thrift store, trees made from the pages of books, laundry […]

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