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Today Cheri of The PURSE-sonality Challenge has a special message and invitation for you.

As I thumbed through a copy of A Complaint-Free World five years ago, I considered myself the most optimistic, positive, encouraging (and obviously humble) person I knew.

In fact, I joked to my husband that we needed to buy two (maybe three) dozen copies to give the long list of negative people in my life who drag me down with their never-ending complaints, criticism, and gossip.

Than I read a little farther. And the author had the nerve to suggest that of all the negative people in my life, I might be the worst of the worst

That. Made. Me. Mad.

So I decided to take the author’s Complaint-Free challenge: 21 days with no complaining. Just to prove how wrong he was, I even ordered his silly little purple bracelet.

The instructions were simple: I was to start each day with the bracelet on my left wrist. As soon as I caught myself complaining, criticizing, or gossiping, I was to move the bracelet to the other wrist.

For accountability, I told my students what I was doing.

Big mistake.

Did my students ever warm up to the “challenge.” In the first class, my bracelet switched arms five times in just three minutes!

The shocker was that each time took me totally by surprise. I wasn’t even thinking critical thoughts, when suddenly, “Mrs. G? Is that complaining I hear?”

I soon discovered that my optimistic self-image resembled reality the way a chick flick resembles marriage: hardly at all.

Sound Familiar?

Maybe you’ve experienced some of the same warning signs I have. See if you identify with any of the following statements:

___ “My life would be much easier without the negative people who drag me down.

___ “I speak Sarcasm fluently.”

___ “When I see a type-o on a sign, I have to point it out to someone.”

___ “I’m surrounded by difficult people at work and/or at home.”

___ “It’s not really gossip; everything we say about her is true.”

___ “There’s an impossible person in my life who will never change.”

___ “I struggle with anxiety, fear, and/or depression.”

___ “Negative things people have said keep popping back into my mind.”

If two or more sound familiar, you’re invited to take The PURSE-onality Challenge!

What is The PURSE-onality Challenge?

Quite literally, it’s 31 days of replacing “baditude” with God’s word and gratitude, May 1-31 (with a warm-up week starting April 22.)

I’ve tried the Complaint-Free challenge many times in the last five years. But just trying to stop old bad habits was never enough; I needed to start new ones to replace the old.

So for one month, we’ll be focusing on four positive habits: spotlighting Personality strengths, eliminating complaints, journaling gratitude, and memorizing scripture.

Take The PURSE-onality Challenge if…

  • …you feel convicted to change your thoughts and words.
  • …you’re at your wit’s end with a particular relationship.
  • …you desire more hope, joy, and peace in your life.

Check out our website to sign up!

You’ll also find three free audio messages:

Let’s Get PURSE-onal!

Personality Puzzle for Parents of Preschoolers


Healthy Marriages Major in History (NOT Math!)

plus a free e-Book: Top 10 Priceless Gifts that Don’t Cost a Dime for Each PURSE-onality!


Enter to win a free copy of The PURSE-onality Challenge journal and a set of 31 laminated Bible verse cards!

Mandatory: Leave a comment telling what changes you’d most want to see in your life from taking The PURSE-onality Challenge! That’s it! We require no hoop jumping to enter giveaways. 🙂



Cheri Gregory has been married to her pastor/teacher/musician college sweetheart, Daniel, for 23 years. The Gregorys are enjoying their newly “empty nest,” now that Jonathon (19) has joined Annemarie (21) at college. Cheri is a high school English teacher and Christian speaker/author. Connect with her via Facebook, cheri@cherigregory.com, and www.CheriGregory.com.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post.


  1. I want to be more of an encourager to people – and never pull people down. Great giveaway!

  2. I want to be more conscious about what I say and what I think. Also, want to learn more scriptures.

  3. D'ana Heinlein says:

    I have to admit that I started the personality challenge last time and did pretty good staying with it, but I did miss a few lessons and quite honestly – didn’t have a change in my very negative attitude!! I am so very critical of myself and those closest to me!! Gotta get that corrected and know it will only be THROUGH & BY HIM!!!!

  4. to be more positive and not look at everything so negative

  5. I always catch myself being negative when I hear my son (who is exactly like me, except that he’s a 3 year old boy) complaining or repeating negativity that I know he hears from me. This sounds like an awesome challenge!

  6. Jennifer Millett says:

    To change my attitude and be more conscious about what I say and what I think.

  7. I would love how to temper my thoughts and words with my troubled bonus child (read: step child). I have 8 children in my home and she is the only one I ,(and my husband) have issues with. Some of it is her insistance to do ANYTHING to have her father’s undivided attention, as she will readily tell you – good or bad attention, she does ot care. But some I found, after having everyone take the personality test, is that we are both CHOLORIC personalities and trying to dominate the house. Not a good mix unfortunately.
    Her father and I feel she will move with her step father this summer unless we can figure something out. If this exercise saves her for us….. I am all in.
    Did I mention she announced that she does not believe in God? My prayers daily are filled asking to bring her back to us…..
    This is my last chance at keeping our daughter with us.

  8. I ‘m decent at not letting complaining come out of my mouth BUT I would like that complaining leave my thoughts too!

  9. I would like to become more aware of those little negative things that seem to live in my mind; and sometimes spill over into my speech. I noticed today, while driving alone, that I made several little complaints about others’ driving ability (or lack thereof). I never really though about how those thoughts/words, even when I’m alone, can have a negative impact.

  10. I have a lot of stress in my life and I don’t deal well with anxiety. I am actually on medication to help combat the stress. As a result I find that I can easily become frustrated and negative if my stress level is rising. I’d like to find a way to change that, to bring more positivity into my life, and to let go of the things that are holding me back from fully enjoying the blessings in my life. Thanks!

  11. Ruth in NZ says:

    Its so much easier to see the ways others fail in this area, but I know that it is only as we consciously take time to examine our own heart, words and attitudes that we become much more aware of our own failings. The journal and God’s word sound like two great tools in being open to God’s view of how we realte to others.

  12. I am definitely hoping to change my attitude! I have caught myself getting upset at my husband when he’s not home, and just assuming things that are “wrong” are wrong because of him. I know it’s terrible, and I hate that I do it! I hope I can change this about myself!

  13. I am planning to do this challenge and I would love to win a copy of the journal and cards 😉 I desperately need to quiet that voice inside my head (and of course also the voice that comes out of my mouth) that is critical of everything and everyone around me (including myself). I like Cheri, use sarcasm ALL the time. I had never really thought of that as complaining. But I can definitely see where it would be negative, impacting both myself and those around me.

  14. Oh boy! I feel like she’s been following me around or something! My baditude has been EVIDENT to all regarding my job stress. I’ve turned into the grouchy wife/mom that I never wanted to be.
    It’s misery for everyone!

  15. Ouch! Have you been standing on my front porch listening in on our conversations??? Yeah – I need to change what’s brewing underneath the “positive, encouraging” persona I think I display. I need to actually TRUST God more than I DO on the inside… Want to LIVE. IT. OUT. LOUD!!! This looks like a good challenge for me! My husband just said the other day that he thinks he is more positive than I am – and that pretty much wrecked my little world… nuff said.

  16. I would love to learn how to better deal with my hubby and teenager and child. We get stress out and I want to communicate my thoughts and understand them better.

  17. I would like to let go of a high stress problem that I have been plagued with for eight years!!!

  18. I would like to not be so complaining and stressed about things I do and also things I can’t control.

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