So I almost came unglued during the purchase of our new home…

Buying a new home was and wasn’t easy for us. This was a year long process that starts and ends with our dream home… sort of.

Here is Ryan and I on the day we did our final walk through for the home we purchased recently.

We put our previous home on the market over a year and a half ago. Then we set out to find the perfect house for our family. When we found what we believed to be it we put a payment down, they broke ground, and we watched it being built as we struggled to sell our home. It didn’t sell.

After so many months we lost money on the house we were building and had to give it up. Someone else purchased the house I picked out, with my colors, my hand scraped maple floors, with my french doors…I was devastated. This is the home we were building.

What? The houses look the same? I know. God is something isn’t He?

The house we were purchasing isn’t the house we are currently living in. In an amazing God turn of events, in May of this year God spoke to Ryan and I individually and we knew we should put our house back on the market. One day while I was out shopping Ryan stuck a “for sale by owner” sign in the yard and less than 24 hours later we had an offer from a wonderful lady. I adore her. I prayed that someone to buy that house who would love it and care for it like we did. She  does.

Once we found a buyer for our home (which happened real fast) we had to find a home to live in. I spent two days looking at houses and though I really liked some of them, subconsciously I was comparing them all to the house we lost. The few houses we saw and really liked weren’t an option for us because –and I kid you not– contracts on those houses were literally being signed while we were viewing them. Houses were going fast.

On what would be our last day of looking, my realtor and I went back to my house to find more listings since we’d exhausted all of the ones we had found previously. During our search we had to consider new development. This was something we didn’t want because that meant we’d have to rent until it was built. But, since nothing else worked for us we knew this was our only option.

Ring. Ring.

“Hi, This is Liz Herman and I’m working with some of my favorite clients (I’m paraphrasing, ;)) and they are looking for a 4 bedroom home….”

Through the course of that conversation we learned that the developer had so many contracts to build houses that it would be months and months before they could start on one for us. Oh, but the girl who answered the phone had just listed her 4 bedroom house for sale by owner.

As Liz wrote down the address I swear I heard angels sing. I knew that address. I ran to my bedroom and came back with a flyer. A flyer that was given to my husband at church just a few days before. The couple selling this house were friends of friends and the house they were selling… a less expensive, more custom, better location of the model that we had wanted a year before.

Yep. He loves us that way. To top it all off we saw rainbows over the house when we went to see it. We needed those rainbows to remind us of God’s promises. The next 30 days would prove to be nothing like the smooth process of finding the house. I had every opportunity to come unglued: buyer’s bank setting up closing dates and missing them 3 times, our belongings held up in a moving truck, spider infestation in the new house, sick kids in the midst of it.

In the end God worked it out. I had realized that even though we can know God wants to give us something it may not be given to us the way we think it will. He just might deliver it a year later, better than the original, at a lower cost, and with obstacles.

We love our new home. Spider infestation and all. Yeah, that is a post for another day. You can see what it looked like when we bought it by visiting this post: I Debated Over and Over About Writing This. To see what we’ve done to it and what it is looking like now you’ll have to stay tuned to my blog. We’ve given the old girl some charm and character. I can’t wait to show you.

But, I have other news for you. My friend, Lysa TerKeurst, just released her new book, Unglued. I wish I’d had this book three months ago. It would have helped me through my home buying experience. Maybe I wouldn’t have lost it time after time. Hmmm… or maybe I still would have but after reading Lysa’s book I know there is hope and that I am not alone in my struggles.

Giveaway is over. Winners are being notified. Thanks for entering and stay tuned for more giveaways!


Giveaway 1: I’m giving away 2 copies of Unglued. To enter you need only comment and tell me about your latest unglued experience. The giveaway will end Wednesday, August 22nd, at noon CST.

Giveaway 2: BUT… that isn’t all. I’m also giving away one Unglued: Bible Study Bundle. It includes the teaching DVD, participant’s guide, and the book. To enter to win that go take the 7 question assessment test at the Unglued site and come back here and tell me what you thought of your findings. That’s it.

For even more chances to win, visit Lysa’s blog today where she is hosting the Unglued blog tour.

About Unglued:
God gave us emotions to experience life, not destroy it! Lysa TerKeurst admits that she, like most women, has had experiences where others bump into her happy and she comes emotionally unglued. We stuff, we explode, or we react somewhere in between. What do we do with these raw emotions? Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us? Yes, and in her usual inspiring and practical way, Lysa will show you how. Filled with gut-honest personal examples and biblical teaching, Unglued will equip you to: Know with confidence how to resolve conflict in your important relationships. Find peace in your most difficult relationships as you learn to be honest but kind when offended. Identify what type of reactor you are and how to significantly improve your communication. Respond with no regrets by managing your tendencies to stuff, explode, or react somewhere in between. Gain a deep sense of calm by responding to situations out of your control without acting out of control.


  1. Jenifer Welch says:

    I am a stuffer with retaliation rocks. That is a hrad truth to face but I also know its true. This book would be so helpful. Thanks for the post and the opportunity. Lysa is actually coming to Pella, Iowa in October. I am so excited!

  2. Results of the quiz were accurate and humbling…….. Can’t wait to read this book!!

  3. Took the assessment and it was probably accurate. Lead women’s Bible study and would love to win the pack. We are getting ready to move and our house is for sale. Can’t find stuff and come unglued with frustration.

  4. I am a stuffer who builds barriers. I can’t wait to get into this study with my small group! It is one I need badly in a very unglued, crazy making season of life.

  5. Abigail Schoeff says:

    I took the The Assessment and found that I am a stuffer. I am not at all surprised at the result. The person most effected by this behavior is my husband. On the flip side, my kids get to see the exploding side of me, which is not pretty either. I am so ashamed of my behavior and have been praying for help. I love my husband and children and they don’t deserve this kind of behavior from me. The most recent experience was with my husband. He is the spender in our family, while I am the saver. He also has a problem with alcohol. Right now, we are under some financial pressure due to my husband’s spending. Anyway, he asked me if he could buy beer the other night. Instead of immediately telling him how I felt, I spent the evening being quiet. When he returned with beer, I told him how I felt about his drinking and our financial situation. He told me I was being ridiculous. Once again, instead of discussing my feelings, I stuffed them and spent 2 nights sleeping on the couch because I was so hurt.

  6. Well, I took the assessment and I’m a stuffer. I think I already knew this about myself. It’s something I need to work on so Unglued would be good for me to read.

    Amy, I am so happy that God had something even better for you. I immediately noticed the rainbow in your house photo; amazing!!! God is so good and He is so faithful.

    When did I have an unglued experience? When I had to move from my dream home …

    We are now in a very small condo but …I am happy and peaceful despite all the changes.

    Yes, God is good!

    Blessings and love,

  7. Well, I took the test. No surprise to me I shut down & build barriers. Wish I knew how knowing that about myself helps me, but I guess changing can’t happen till I accept it.

  8. I am currently trying not to lose our dream home. I lost my job last November just before thanksgiving. While I was paid well at this job it was very stressful and I have since found a much better job, but for a lot less money. Our finances are a disaster & I don’t know how to fix them. I guess long story short I am unglued.

  9. Melinda T says:

    I took the test too and it describes me to a T! I’m quick to respond when I shouldn’t be and fast to get upset. I’m intrigued to find out how “Unglued” will help me change!

  10. Interesting quiz. Pretty accurate. In fact, it called me a ‘stuffer’, and I suspect that’s accurate.

  11. Took the assessment and it is right one, I do close off to people when hurt or confronted, etc.
    SO would love a copy!!

  12. By closing the door to a school in CA my husband was going to go to for an IT job- that we were planning on moving and relocating our whole family from VA ( 2 boys under 3 years old), He opened up a window 3 DAYS after a school identical to the one in CA but it is in NY. By God’s grace I found it through a blog of a blog.. and now we are packing to move to NY from VA. Only He can make this happen 🙂 It will be an interesting ride for sure!

  13. I loved your story, and the faith that shines through. My “unglued” experiences almost always happen in the midst of confrontation. I bolt, run, hide and regret. I’d love to learn how to handle these moments with more grace.

  14. Well, this gives me some hope. We had our house listed for a year – over 40 couples came to see it. No one bought it but no one complained about the price either. In fact, several said it is a great price. We’ve continued to fix it up a little more now and then… Built a stone walk way under the wrap around deck for example. Then in July we had to consider re-listing… We’re going to do a little more work fixing it up and then re-list it. We just continue to have faith in the Lord…. And yes, this is a hard experience.

    But unglued — When my son fell 12 feet off of scaffolding and broke two major bones in his left arm and his right wrist along with tiny carpal bones last summer. I about killed his boss (my dearhubby – ha!). They were working on a church! Yes, I was pretty unglued in the emergency room.

    Happy you are in your dream home 🙂

  15. My latest unglued experience was right after work. Situation normal when I got home – dirty socks on the floor, every tv on, school work not handled – it is the little things that send me over the edge.

  16. I’m so glad I read your blog today. Not for the give away even though I took the quiz & she hit the nail right on the head (our family counselor actually told my parents that this is what I did as a teen). It would be nice to know how to change Biblically. Any way, the reason I’m glad that I visited is because of your house story. My husband & I have been believing for our own home for quite some time. Your story is an inspiration & a reminder to keep the faith. Thank you.

  17. Melinda T says:

    Oh goodness! I was a wreck on Sunday, just thinking about our financial mess-bills are piling up, my daughter starts school in less than 2 weeks,-nothing bought! our car is literally on its last legs and feeling nothing but frustration! It had rained earlier and as I got off work, feeling dejected, I saw the most beautiful, vibrant and HUGE rainbow! As soon as I saw it, I felt a feeling of calm wash over me and I knew that no matter what happens, God will see me through. Like you, that rainbow reminded me of God’s promises too.

  18. Today at work I came unglued and said I needed a “drink”, which I don’t drink!!! LOL!!!! It’s just the day and Jesus will extend grace to me, this I know!!!

  19. I took the test but feel like I could have answered with more than one answer for a couple of questions.

  20. The last time I came unglued was this morning: the baby is sick and I need to get on the phone to his Dr. But see the 2 year old streaking outside after having poured cereal out on the carpet and raiding his older brother’s room for weapons. I yelled. 🙁

  21. Rachel Johnston says:

    My last unglued occasion was just yesterday when my kids chose not to do their chores, the house was a disaster, the pan I pulled out to cook dinner in was full of grease, my cat barfed in the living room, and I forgot about a meeting I was presenting at. I yelled, cried and went for a walk to be with God an clear my head.

  22. I took the test, and it said I’m an exploder that blames others. I agree completely with the fact that I do feel if they wouldn’t have done what they did, I wouldn’t have reacted the way I did. I am very quick to react and pray against it daily. I also had some questions that I had multiple answers to so I think I may be in the middle & also fall under another one of those categories. I guess I just NEED THE BOOK NOW! 🙂

  23. Congrats on the house!

  24. Let’s see….. the last time I came unglued… hmmmm… Honest? I can’t remember, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened recently. Unglued moments usually center around trying to make a big meal for someone. Oh yeah, I’m doing this wonderful, great deed for someone else, but then I take on too much (I’m not good with budgeting my time) and I usually blow up on the one who I love most on this earth. My wonderful, understanding husband! It’s always short lived, and then I have to ask his forgiveness but that wonderful man had already forgiven me as the smoke was blowing from my ears. He IS a wonderful, Godly man!

  25. My latest unglued experience happened this morning, unfortunately, in the midst of ministry. Our food pantry is housed in a local church and we went to place new items there… They had moved all of our stuff out, apparently for doing the floors. I was unglued b/c no one had told us this was happening… and we distribute this week so I was worried we could get back in. Never a good unglued moment in the midst of ministry… something I’m working on.

    When I took the assessment it seemed pretty right on cue for me!

  26. Well, I took the assessment and I’m a stuffer who builds barriers. Actually I have a tendency to avoidance…hence barriers! LOL Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m not seething inside. 🙂 I’d say it was pretty accurate. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  27. Dawn Roberts says:

    The last time I came unglued was yesterday with my husband. I was very irritated that he decided not to go in for voluntary overtime even though he’s always complaining about our tight budget. I wasn’t very nice at all in my response.

  28. Amy in Alaska says:

    I came unglued on Saturday when my husband was chaperoning a youth group trip and I was alone with the kids. I was trying to mow the lawn and they kept interrupting me because they were fighting over making tents with blankets together! I have a love/hate relationship with blanket forts. I love the memories and hate the mess! After 15 minutes of continual fighting I lost it with them and came unglued. Of course, it didn’t help that a moose had gotten in our yard and used our bushes as a salad bar and the yard as a bathroom!

  29. I took the assessment and I am a: Stuffer that builds barriers!
    I definitely knew I was a stuffer – wasn’t aware that I was building barriers! Guess it’s time to study up. I love Lysa’s books!

  30. I came unglued when I was trying to get my family of four out the door and no one – aka husband – was helping. Just surfing the internet! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  31. As a newly diagnosed diabetic I’ve been working hard to change my diet and get my health under control. I’ve come unglued several times when faced with foods I shouldn’t be eating (and others are enjoying!).

  32. Last unglued moment…right now!! Going through some pretty challenging things.

    Your story about your house is wonderful, thanks for sharing! God is so great! Put a smile on my face 🙂

  33. My sweet little 4YO just had her tooth pulled yesterday and I feel like I am at the end of my rope. Yesterday I was full of sympathy and love and patience and today I am on empty. It was rough on her, but was on me as well. This morning, I just have nothing left and swallow tears as I deal with frustration after frustration. I am emotionally exhausted and could use help in how to deal with it without taking it out on everyone and myself!

  34. I love the story of your new home!! 🙂 God’s timing is always perfect, even though we can’t usually see that until after the fact (sometimes WAY after!). I’m struggling with His timing in my own life right now, as my husband just started a new job (after 11 months of unemployment), but he’ll be making less working a job than he did collecting unemployment! I am scared that we will fall even further behind financially, but am trying to trust God’s timing and provision.

  35. I’m a stuffer who builds barriers. That is pretty darn accurate…except for when I explode on my husband and kids.

  36. I’m reading Lysa’s book, and I still had a huge unglued moment today, yikes! I have been dreading the thought of starting a new homeschooling year. Thus, I’ve been putting off getting ready. Today, I started decluttering so I could get organized…and 2 of my daughters and I all had meltdowns! All the sorting, tossing, donating undid us, and we were all in tears. Banging my elbow on the corner of the dining room table is actually what sent me over the edge and to my knees…which is good, because I started praying and calming down:)

  37. Laura Jones says:

    My latest unglued experience was just this past Sunday at church! I was telling my 5-year-old daughter as we walked into church how she’d be promoting to the kindergarten Sunday School class that morning, instead of her old class. She LOVED her old class. She got in a sour mood about moving up and made mean faces at everyone coming down the hall greeting us! She would not say hi and be nice, even to her old teacher that walked by! As soon as we got to the stairwell, I scolded her pretty gruffly and told her to put on a smile and be nice whether she wanted to or not! Just at that moment, a new family at church appeared and I know they heard everything! I was so embarrassed!! I need to learn how to turn my knee-jerk reactions into better, loving responses so I’d love to have the Unglued book!!

    • Laura Jones says:

      So I just took the assessment and boy is it correct, sad to say! I am an…
      “Exploder who shames herself:
      In this relationship you quickly express your emotions without holding back. In the moment, fully expressing yourself feels good. You like getting your hurt or disappointment off your chest. But later, when you’ve cooled down a bit, you feel ashamed of how you responded.”

      I really want to do this study this fall with the women at my church and I’ve asked our church leaders this summer if we can put it in the Bible study plans and buy it but they have hesitated – I think it’s because our church’s finances have been tighter lately. I would LOVE to humbly facilitate the DVD study if I win it and then give it to a smaller church to use next! The Lord knows I’m probably the one who needs it most among our group of ladies…

  38. My unglued moment started 2 years ago and I am still unglued!! I married a wonderful man 2 years ago who has 3 children, you add my 2 children and we have 5 kids from the ages of 4 to 14. I struggle daily with trying to not be unglued to our precious children and to my wonderful husband. Between a full time job, being the wife of a paramedic and these 5 school aged children it is easy to come unglued but I strive to make a life for our children with wonderful fun memories not memories of a mother and stepmother being unglued all of the time. Thank you for the chance to win this book I know God has a message for me in those pages.

  39. My unglue moment happened just a few months ago when I was told I had ovarian cancer. I was filled with fear and anger. I am now and thankful for the prayers and thoughtfulness of so many family and friends.

  40. Congratulations, Amy!!! We’ve been in that kind of situation before!

    My last unglued moment: My second oldest daughter (17 y/o) blatantly refused a good night hug from me. It crushed and floored me! As I was verbally responding to her, I knew that it was the wrong thing for me to say.

    I think that I need the tools from “Unglued”!!

  41. Wow, I could definately use this book. We had so many trying times throughout the last 5 years and even though things have improved (DH got a job!, woohoo) we are still dealing with the aftermath of it all. I tend to loose it and scream! yes, scream! to anyone and everyone. I loose my patience way too easily and I get really discourage and then of course I feel guilty for loosing it… avicious cycle!
    Congrats on the house! Love the rainbows, He is amazing!

  42. Wendy Madonna says:

    I definitely need this book right now… Kids, Marriage and Work can make me come UNGLUED especially lately because its all three things at the same time!

  43. My Unglued moment usually takes place in the morning traffic on the way to school. It is bumper to bumper and I’m usually running late.
    My kids like to do impressions of my freaking out.
    Real awesome, mom!

  44. Wanda Hensley says:

    I just took the quiz and am ashamed to say that I’m a stuffer who collects retaliation rocks. Think I need your book quick! Last I heard, stoning is kind of frowned upon and I’m sure my family would appreciate help with their bruises.

  45. Kim buchanan says:

    My latest “ungluing” came with the decision to return to school. After 14 years of being out of school, I was overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy. I pushed through, and at times it isn’t easy, but I know God has my back … And my backpack.

  46. Congratulations on your new home! I hope we get to have our own harrowing house buying experience in the next couple years! My last unglued experience (not counting yesterday’s and the day before lesser meltdowns…) was last Friday when I was desperately trying to get my three year old girl to finish up in the bathroom so she could have her quiet time (and me my nap time). I had already put our 18 month old son down for his nap so the clock was already ticking. Long story short, I had to excuse myself from my little girl’s presence not once, but twice, to go scream and thrash and beat into my pillows (sleep deprivation, anyone?). Needless to say, I didn’t feel like an exemplary, Spirit-filled Christian at that moment, and it took my husband’s intervention (thank God he works at home) to get her to finish. The rest, honestly, is a blur, but I don’t think I got a nap, and I don’t think my daughter’s quiet time was very quiet! I think I need a vacation, and read God’s word more 🙂

  47. The assessment results reminded me….I need the wisdom to know when to hold my thoughts and when to share them. Offense and disappointment visit us all at one time or another. Keeping our emotions under control to handle a situation propery can save a lot of heart ache.

  48. My latest temptation to come unglued was at the beginning of this school year. My children attend a school 10 minutes from my house, yet their bus ride was 1 hour and 20 minutes to get home. Thank God for friends who encouraged me to deal with the situation with dignity and grace.

  49. Hi Amy, Congrats on your new house!
    I took the assessment and it pretty much hit the nail on the head describing me! Stuffer who build barriers. In this relationship you do not express your hurt feelings but instead you build a barrier within the relationship. You don’t like conflict and feel the need to protect yourself from further frustration or hurt. The other person knows something is wrong because of the way you’ve pulled back emotionally in the relationship. But you continue to say, “I’m fine,” even when you’re anything but okay.

    My recent unglued moments came just a few days ago. My husband has been out of work for 3 years and we are living on my income. My daughter and new grandson live 1500 miles away and I hate it, my boss asked me to take a different job in the company (read, set up to fail?), and to top it all off, right now my husband can’t do anything right! I spent the weekend mad, crying and quiet! I don’t like me when this happens. I need to get this book for myself!

  50. I took the test and realize I have a lot to work on! The women’s study group at my church is starting Unglued on Sept. 12! We sure could use the free give-aways! 🙂

  51. The test told me that I am a stuffer who gathers retaliation rocks. I don’t feel that is 100% accurate, but it is only a 7 question test. It is true that I am a “stuffer”, however, I don’t throw things back at other people or bring up past faults. I can’t stand it when it is done to me, so I don’t do it to other people. If I talked it over with you and said you were forgiven, I meant it, and I’ve moved on.

  52. I took the test. I just read the results I didn’t see what my title was. I do NOT like confrontation. I do build up walls. And yes I will explode if I don’t talk it out. Usually with God and a friend.
    My most recent unglued moment was i was going to rent a mobile home from someone that I thought was a friend. She was very aloof during the month before. I realized I had not see the place for 2 years when she lived there. She got married and let her adult kids live in it. A gut feeling told me I needed to see it so I met her there. Boy a lot had changed in 2 years. She had allowed her kids to ghetto the place. the whole thing was she didn’t want to pay the bills anymore so she was trying to dump on me what her kids ruined. Remember I hate confrontation so I wrote her a letter, and informed her that I was not going to rent her place. She has left me several messages with an edge. I refuse to answer my phone, and have her yell at me.

  53. I recently came unglued over being sick for a week while also dealing with two whiny, crabby, sick little ones. Between the three of us, I was getting very little sleep on top of being ill, and it just felt too hard.

  54. I had a moment where i came unglued on our recent family vacation. It included my husband, kids, mother inlaws, dad, sister and brother in law. I was trying to keep everyone on schedule to make reservations and plans, but no one was listening. i completely went off the handle. Not positive for anyone, and really put a glitch in what was to be a nice relaxing vacation. I am ashamed of myself and would love the opportunity to find out more about unglued.

  55. Amy,

    Congrats on your new home! We serve an Amazing God! That was a test and you and your hubby passed it! I so pray that when we put our home on the market ( in Lafayette) that it’s a breeze! Because, you see, remodeling has not been! I have come un-glued many many times. We have had lots of mold in our home. Nothing seemed to be working on it going away! I kid you not, 5 yrs! Yes, I said 5 yrs, we have been trying to get to the root of several issues. In fact, my health is now in jeopardy. But….our sweet Lord is in control! It’s been a big test. I have had to repeat may times. God will pervail, and we will pass this test! So, you see, I need this book! Amen to that!

  56. Apparently from the quiz I am a “Stuffer who collect retaliation rocks”.
    I need this study to begin soon 🙂

  57. Sadly, I am living a series unglued moments as it is inevitable with three two year olds that are potty training. My latest unglued moment came when I took the trio to the aquarium this weekend and all was well until THEY started coming unglued, of course they were hot and tired, but then I came publicly unglued trying to get them back to the car – three kids + two hands = ONE HOT MESS! In Houston, in August, it was a hot mess. And gluey hot mess.

    • Oh Gindi I feel your pain!!! I’m from Beaumont and I know first hand how the southeast TX heat/humidity affects us mommies. I was thinking a 3yr old and 7wk old was hard enough but THREE 2yr olds must be tough. Hang in there 🙂

  58. Congrats on the new house!! God is AWESOME with His timing.
    I too am doing the unglued Bible study through Melissa Taylor’s online guide. With a very headstrong and determined 3yr old and a 7wk old…This sleep deprived mom seem to have daily moments of coming “unglued”. I can not wait to begin. I am looking so forward to it. Best of luck to you and your family 🙂

  59. Jennifer Millett says:

    Congrats on your new home! I’m sorry you all had so many issues, but so glad you are where you are supposed to be. I hope you all will make many, many wonderful memories there. Without the spiders (shudder).

    I took the test. My score was “stuffer who builds barriers”. Yep that’s me. But when I do blow, of course it is usually at my family who are blindsided and probably had nothing to do with it in the first place (usually 🙂 )

  60. I’d love to win the book Unglued! The last time I nearly came unglued is when we were moving into our new home not quite a month ago. I had freshly laundered the bedding and put in separate crates so we could make each bed when we arrived and get a good night’s rest after a long taxing day of loading and unloading. WRONG. The volunteer movers thought it would be great to use all the bedding as “padding” for various pieces of furniture. Then when I got there and found all the clean sheets no longer clean, I had them hook up the washer and dryer so I could start laundry, knowing the bed would be calling me that night. One of the “smart” movers suggested, “You know, you should have washed all your bedding before you moved so you wouldn’t have to do that first thing!” Uh…yeah…I nearly came unglued!

  61. D'ana Heinlein says:

    Love, love, love to hear stories of how when we step out in faith and just TRUST God that His plan always fall into place so much better than our own plans!! Congrats on your beautiful new home!! Can’t wait to stay tuned for the reveal of what you’re doing to it!!
    My most recent Unglued moment was a few days ago when my 11 year old daughter decided to have one of her “OMGoodness, you are so mean to me, you never do anything for me, life is so UNFAIR” meltdowns – I completely LOST it…. stormed after her as she stomped off and proceeded to say things to her that were very harsh, hasty, angry, hurtful!! I felt awful after I had done it and apologized for my reaction!! If only I had taken a deep breath, said a little prayer, grabbed my “lifeline” and handled it calmly!!!

  62. I too feel unglued at times. My family and I have lived in our current home for 4 years now and for the entire 4 years we have been slowly renovating. Which means, my house is never in order like I want it to be. It’s very cluttered at times. I asked my husband just a couple of days ago is we would ever live in a clutter free, renovation free home and you know what he told me. ‘No.’ Oh how I’m just going to have to see this is as our normal somehow.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to read this book!

  63. Congratuations on the purchase of your new house….again. Isn’t it wonderful how God completes the story in just the right way where you know for sure it was God who worked it all out? Wonderful to hear! And I enjoyed seeing your blog. I lived in Louisiana when I was younger, and miss the south. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts in the future.

    I found you by following the link on Lysa Terkeurst’s blog for the Unglued blog tour. I could write and write about how I come unglued. The funny thing is, most people don’t know just how unglued I come because I am a stuffer. To be more exact, according to Lysa’s assessment (which was right on), I am a stuffer who builds barriers. Lovely!

    But my most recent unglued experience would have to be taking my son to college last Wednesday. I have been stuffing my sadness, and think I’m doing a pretty good job of it, but even my other son can tell through a text message that I am sad. How’s that for ineffectively hiding your emotions? Seriously? You can tell in a text message? Oh boy! I seriously need to read Lysa’s book! ; ) Thanks for the chance to win.

  64. Christine Poteet says:

    My latest Unglued experience….. WOW….well…. I had a best friend that I spoke with everyday. One day after speaking to her less and less, I realized she had dumped me and our friendship. There was never an incident…she just decided she didn’t want to hang out with me anymore. I kept these feelings in for almost a year and a half. She then started pursing a close relationship with my sister and that hurt so badly. I never said anything to my sister, not wanting to create conflict. One day, my sister told me that the friend who dumped me had invited her to go to a conference with her and now my sister was inviting me to go with them. That’s when it ALL came out. Now when I hear about my sister and this old friend together, it’s like a scab ripped off all over again. It’s the HARDEST thing I am trying to get over. I know the Lord is gracious, though. He will protect me and comfort me…..and teach me…..

  65. I really needed to hear this today!! In December 2010, my husband and I went to a Bible study. The preacher told everyone to raise their hands and visually see God giving us whatever it was we needed. I saw God giving us a new house. It was red brick and all I saw was a corner of the house, no windows, no yard, just the corner. Well, I was so sure that we would be in our new house last year that we put all our things in storage (everything is still there and we’re still packing!) but it didn’t happen. God even spoke to me saying not to lose heart because it didn’t happen in MY timing. We’ve been on bankruptcy since June 2008, and thought this would be our last month of bankruptcy and we’d have money to start saving and putting back for a down payment on the new house, to do improvements on our mobile home that will be paid off next month, and all kinds of things we haven’t been able to do because all our money is going to bankruptcy to pay our bills. Needless to say, we found out we have another 11 MONTHS of bankruptcy so we won’t be doing any of those things! No, we still haven’t found the house God showed me, no we don’t have the money to do the things WE planned on doing BUT GOD has a plan and in HIS PERFECT TIMING it will all work out. So, as I come unglued with all these things that frustrate me I look to my God who perfects everything that concerns me!! Thank you for encouraging me to continue seeking HIS WILL and not my own. God bless you!!

    • This “Stuffer who build barriers” is so me…I find it hard to express my hurt feelings to others because I don’t want to offend anyone and usually think it must be me with the problem because everyone else is normal. I always pull back especially when someone is getting too close to me or a part of me I don’t want to disclose and feel uncomfortable talking about. I’m always telling myself “I’m fine” when I’m really not and let things build up until I explode and that’s when I usually end up hurting those I love. I could really use this book/study to break free from this bondage! God bless you and your family in your new home and thank you for sharing.

  66. Christine Poteet says:

    Well, I did take the test, but it gave me no result. HOWEVER, I can tell you that I know I just build a wall and get very quiet when someone hurts me. I just want to run away. I HATE confrontation, but I know I’ll explode if I don’t eventually work it out.


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